Shanghai’s most amazing leopard license plate, hanging on 50 thousand broken cars, Rolls-Royce will be courteous to three points

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Shanghai is a municipality directly under the central Government and one of the most economically developed cities in China. Shanghai has been known as the Oriental Paris and the magic capital of the world since ancient times.There are so many rich people in Shanghai that they compete not only with luxury cars, but also with license plates.As 88888 is recognized as the most expensive leopard license plate, many netizens are curious about what kind of car the plate is on.Some speculate that such expensive plates should be attached to rolls-Royces, Bentleys and other luxury cars, while others believe that today’s young people are interested in supercars, the 88888 bomb plate is likely to be attached to tens of millions of supercars.The answer is very disappointing. Shanghai B88888 is not on millions of luxury cars, nor on millions of supercars, but on a broken buick worth 50,000 yuan.This old Buick has more than ten years of age, the owner of the first car when the auction 88888 plate has been used today.The picture shows the Buick is at least 12 years old, the paint is yellow and the license plate is weathered and faded.Although the Buick looks very shabby, it has one of the best license plates in Shanghai, which even rolls Royce would bow down to.Among many license plates, Shanghai A and Shanghai B are the most difficult ones to get. This Buick has A Shanghai B plate, which shows that the owner is an important person in Shanghai.Because the identity of the owner is too mysterious, many local people do not know the true identity of the owner, from this plate at least is worth ten billion billionaires.The local market value of Shanghai B88888 plate is at least 8 million yuan, and the plate has a price without a market.Since the owner has such an expensive license plate, why not change the car?Wouldn’t putting a top-of-the-line license plate on a cheap old car make the owner look bad?Some netizens speculated that the buick was the same one the owner had driven from scratch, and because of his deep affection for the car, he didn’t change the car.Many Chinese car owners believe that clothes make the man and clothes make the Buddha. If you have a leopard license plate, you must put it on your expensive car to save face.The owner of a Buick must be a very private rich man who doesn’t want to buy a more expensive car for a plate, so he puts the plate on his Buick.Many wealthy people wear leopard plates on their cars. The 55555 leopard plate, which has a market value of more than $3 million, was attached to a Buick GL8.They don’t want to buy a luxury car just for the sake of their valuable license plates.Keep your distance the next time you see one of these leopard license plates on the streets of Shanghai. Although these plates are not attached to luxury cars, the identity of the owner is still something we can’t afford.Shanghai’s rich are invisible millionaires. They don’t like to show off and their daily lives are so low-key that they put leopard plates on ordinary cars.There are also many rich people in Guangdong who live a very low-key life. Although their cars are not expensive, a license plate already identifies them.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete