Justice in news | school leaders to enjoy Spring Festival with foreign students

2022-06-27 0 By

On January 31, on the lunar New Year’s Eve of the Tiger, Liu Dongzhi, president Lian Jijian, and Du Changyou, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, spent the Spring Festival with foreign students who stayed in the university during the winter vacation.Stir filling, kneading, rolling, kneading……Teachers and students together around the table dumplings, laughter, fun.Dong-zhi liu detailed communication with the students, ask for details of the students learning, life, winter vacation plan, and so on and so forth, told everyone to keep in touch with your family, reasonable arrangement of winter vacation life, and encourage them to study hard in school, do a good job in China and international students students cultural ambassadors, contribute to enhance friendship and cooperation between the two countries.Lian Jijian reminded everyone to cooperate with the school to actively do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, pay attention to their own protection, enhance safety awareness, pay attention to the winter holiday and the Spring Festival, personal, property and fire safety, any difficulty to the school, the school will give full support to ensure that everyone has a safe and peaceful Chinese New Year.The representatives of the international students, Ai Nili and Shen Qingqing (both from Turkmenistan), performed their elaborate ballroom dance.On behalf of the school, all the teachers sent New Year’s greetings and New Year’s gifts to the foreign students.As they ate the dumplings made by themselves, the students’ faces were filled with bright smiles.”I have just finished my defense for my master’s degree and I am looking forward to the successful completion of my studies.”I can’t go back home because of the pandemic, but I have a warm home together.”Says AHISSAN ADEHET FELIX, from Ivory Coast.It is reported that 30 foreign students stayed at the school during the winter vacation.The overseas students expressed their gratitude to all the teachers for their care and help. Although they could not return to China to reunite with their families, they felt warm from the deep care of the school. They immersed themselves in the happy, festive and peaceful Chinese New Year and experienced Chinese culture deeply.