Yuzhou issued a notice: the whole area to remove the prevention and control management!

2022-06-26 0 By

According to the national, provincial and municipal regulations on THE prevention and control of COVID-19, combined with the situation of the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Our city and its surrounding areas, and after comprehensive analysis and judgment of the Municipal Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and Control, it is decided that starting from January 31, 2022,Remove the closed control area management of the west Courtyard of Sijihuacheng Community, Huacheng Community, Xiadu Street, Chengshangcheng Community, fertilizer factory family courtyard, remove the control area management of Guo Village, Liangbei Town, yuzhou city, remove the whole area of the closed control area, control area, prevention area management, and turn to normal epidemic prevention and control.Yuzhou city advocates “non-essential not to go out, less out not together”, the village (community, community) card point is not removed, strictly implement the inspection of “double code”, temperature measurement, wearing masks and other measures.Internet cafes, cinemas, KTV, amusement room and other places of entertainment culture and the religion, library, gym, science and technology museum, training institutions, bath center, indoor personnel intensive place will continue to be shut down, the other is closely related to the life of open places, to strengthen the organization management, strictly implement the current limit, wrong peak, check the “double code”, measuring temperature, wearing a mask.Fairs and temple fairs will not be held, weddings will be delayed, funerals will be simplified.Family gatherings, dinner parties with friends and private gatherings are strictly limited to 10 people.Those who have not been removed from home quarantine in The city will continue to strictly implement home quarantine measures and carry out the “five guarantees and one responsibility” system.Villages and communities should strengthen the control of quarantined people and implement measures such as health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and on-site services.This circular takes effect on January 31, 2022.January 30, 2022 Source: Henan CDC