Sword net 3 street new trend, tiger year will have it will live!Do you have this hot look?

2022-06-26 0 By

This year, there is no wind about the three-dimensional color and fashion style, but jiannet 3 has a new trend!Maybe you’ve never followed the PVX game life, but you’ve certainly seen one of the most popular elements of Sword Net 3: mushroom tigers!As the zodiac element of the Year of the Tiger, Swordsnet 3 continues the tradition of previous years, with a series of tiger-related derivatives.There are three “zodiac caps” for the year of the Tiger, and the mushroom tiger is one of them.When the hat first came out, many players were surprised: what the hell is this?After all, there is so much expectation for the year of the Tiger hat, with the furry and cuddly tiger hanging in front of it.But after the release, the actual effect is far from what everyone thought.But never expected, a few days later, the wind direction has undergone a drastic change, mushroom tiger, become the new favorite of the fashion circle!At that time, yangzhou streets appeared countless head wearing mushroom tiger mysterious people.A large number of “Mushroom tiger” emojis have also emerged in QQ groups.You think this is the end of it?That’s too small to look at the imagination of swordnet 3 players!They put their claws into three dimensions from the game!Some players in the post bar launched a “pet wearing mushroom tiger” activity!Through the game’s various angles of the mushroom tiger Angle screenshots matting, seamless stitching to their pet owners!The superb P chart technology of the landlord really has no sense of violation!The hat that the son daughter has in the game, the real pet also wants to have!!There are not only cats and dogs, but also parrots.This hat doesn’t look that good, but it’s hilarious!Mushroom tiger proud small expression with parrot noble eyes, have to say, they two are perfect match!Interested players, you can go to the post to download the PNG matting material prepared by the blogger, as long as you have the layer operation software, you can easily p picture!Everyone can own the New Year of the Tiger fashion – mushroom tiger!Of course, if you want to own this magical popular hat in the game, you can buy it in the game!The use of tongbao, is 6000 Tongbao (60R) a, but, for the mall permanent products, witty players often choose white piao (not).Only need 40 points mall points, can be redeemed for seven days of use.In fact, for most players, seven days is enough, because it looks like a girl’s wardrobe and always smells better next.So interested players can try it on for seven days first with points!Of course, the rich elder sister like words can be directly blunt!I wish you all the same in the New Year!!