Sanmenxia, Henan: We should strengthen the supervision of public welfare hospitals

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How to Strengthen the supervision of government Procurement of public welfare hospitals?The government procurement information newspaper reporter recently learned from sanmenxia city bureau of henan province, in order to further strengthen the government procurement supervision and management of sanmenxia city public welfare hospital, regulating the behavior of public welfare hospital government procurement, the bureau issued the sanmenxia on strengthening on matters concerning public welfare hospital government procurement supervision notice (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”),We set clear requirements for standardizing the management of government procurement budgets, improving the transparency of government procurement, and strengthening government procurement oversight.Public hospitals should be included in the “own money” sanmenxia city department budget management bureau of the relevant controller introduces to the reporter, in the Ministry of Finance on the 13th session of the National People’s Congress four conference suggested answer no. 8584 “, the Ministry of Finance pointed out that the government procurement regulations specify “fiscal capital” means “money” included in the budget management.According to the Budget Law, all government revenues and expenditures should be put under budgetary management, and all government organs, public institutions and organizations, including public welfare hospitals, should incorporate all government revenues into their budgets in accordance with the Budget Law.Public welfare hospitals’ fiscal subsidy income and “own funds” such as business income, operating income and other income should be brought into departmental budget management.Therefore, Sanmenxia Finance Bureau emphasized in the Notice that public welfare hospitals should implement government procurement regulations regardless of the source of funds for government procurement activities carried out with funds included in departmental budget management.”Government procurement information disclosure is of great significance for standardizing government procurement behavior and maintaining openness, fairness and justice in government procurement activities.Public welfare hospitals carrying out government procurement activities should comply with the requirements on disclosure of government procurement information.”The above said, “notice” requirements, to this public welfare hospital government procurement projects shall be in accordance with the requirements of the government procurement information, comprehensive public government purchasing intention, purchasing announcement, purchasing documents, budget amount, the result of procurement, procurement contract and acceptance of the results and other information, enhance the transparency in government procurement, to promote “sunshine procurement” sanmenxia city public welfare hospital.”Strengthening government procurement management of public hospitals is conducive to saving hospital procurement costs, ensuring the quality of medical equipment and improving the level of medical services.”Sanmenxia city finance bureau related person in charge of introduction, in strengthening public welfare hospital government procurement supervision, “notice” clear division of responsibility.A request sanmenxia city public welfare hospital health committee to supervise, profound understanding norms and strengthening the significance and important role for the management of government procurement, strictly in accordance with the purchase, in strict accordance with the purchasing procedure, strict supervision and management, to urge public welfare hospital set up perfect government procurement system of internal control, continuously strengthened government procurement responsibility the main body of public welfare hospital.Second, sanmenxia Municipal Health Commission is required to strengthen the government procurement budget management of public welfare hospitals, urge all public welfare hospitals to strictly implement the Catalogue and Standard of Centralized Government Procurement of Henan Province, compile government procurement budget synchronously with departmental budgets, and carry out government procurement activities in accordance with laws and regulations.Standardize public welfare hospital government procurement information disclosure behavior, in accordance with the principle of “who purchases, who is responsible”, to ensure that government procurement information disclosure is timely, complete, authentic and legal.Third, financial departments are required to strengthen the training of government procurement for public welfare hospitals and improve the legal awareness and professional level of government procurement.We will intensify supervision and inspection of procurement activities that are prone to problems such as budget compilation, budget implementation, fair competition, policy implementation, contract signing and information disclosure, deal with violations of laws and regulations in government procurement activities in accordance with the law, and improve standardized management of government procurement.