School of political science and law | let the year of the tiger “burn”

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Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and The State Council, recently delivered a speech at the Spring Festival reception, stressing that in the year of the Yin Tiger, we should continue to write a new chapter in the history of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics with the heroic spirit of “Tiger tiger”, “vigorous energy” and “bold spirit”.On the arrival of the Year of Yin the Tiger, only by constantly drawing wisdom from the history of one hundred years of struggle, highlighting the heroic style, maintaining vigor and carrying forward the spirit, can we write a new struggle history wholeheartedly and make the Year of the Tiger “burn”.Highlight the strong wind of tiger tiger.Tiger tiger is as awesome as the tiger, but also the upward posture of active action.To write a new chapter and embark on a new journey, we must always show our vigor and vitality.If without this, there is no all fronts of workers hold position, role and responsible, there is no danger to stand up in a crisis, the critical moment, the correct choice of test in front, there is no together heart, thick rope together, big power “into the future together”.Therefore, to make the Year of the Tiger “burning”, must highlight the strong wind of tiger tiger.This heroic spirit is not only reflected in words and slogans, but also in concrete actions. We resolutely stick to our work when it is needed, and charge ahead when it is needed by the masses.All these are the most full manifestation of the strong wind of the tiger tiger.Stay active.Full of vitality, full of vitality of the meaning of life is not only a spirit, but also a drive.Only by keeping up our vigorous energy can we ensure a good start to the Year of the Tiger.A series of impressive achievements have been made in key work, such as epidemic prevention and control, poverty alleviation and rural vitalization, thanks to the energetic efforts of countless Party members.To make the Year of the Tiger “burn”, we need to keep our vigor and vitality alive. We should not be afraid at the beginning, but always stick to it and strive for a higher level.Bottleneck period do not give up, often study, strive for small breakthrough, big leap;Critical period do not shrink back, often plan, for true crack, true forward.Only in this way can we make full preparations for the new journey in the year of the Tiger.Carry forward the spirit of being bold as a tiger.In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger is the king of beasts and a symbol of strength, courage and fearlessness.A man cannot stand without spirit, and a country cannot stand without spirit.We are in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control and economic development. At such a time, it is all the more important to carry forward the spirit of being bold and ambitious like a tiger. We should not slacken our efforts, avoid or slack off, and strive for more breakthroughs.Ideologically, we should be firm in our ideals and beliefs, make an objective analysis and have a clear understanding of the situation, both analyze the internal environment and grasp the internal changes, and keep moving forward on the right path.In action, we need to take more bold and enterprising actions. We need to face up to and overcome difficulties with courage. We need to overcome difficulties when we are in distress and make more breakthroughs when we meet difficulties.Taurus courageously quit the old year, huhu Shengwei congratulate the New Year.The best way is the road under your feet.Together to the future, can not leave as always the commitment to struggle.Let us always show the vigorous spirit of tiger tiger, always maintain vigorous energy, and vigorously promote the spirit of tiger, and join hands to go to a better future!Source: Communist Party member Network