Gu Huiwen, member of the standing Committee of the District Committee and minister of the Publicity Department, investigated the development of cultural and creative industry in Jiading

2022-06-25 0 By

On February 8, Gu Huiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department, and Shen Jimin, deputy minister of the Publicity Department of the District Committee visited the District Culture and Tourism Bureau to investigate the development of the cultural and creative industry in the district.At the meeting, Gu Huiwen said that the cultural and creative industry is an important part of promoting cultural development, and the cultural and tourism system should continue to strengthen learning and highlight top-level design.First, we should accelerate the policy research of cultural industry, integrate information, and continuously improve the awareness and implementation rate of policies.Second, it is necessary to build a platform for operation, strengthen consultation mechanism, form a multi-line and multi-department coordination in economy, business, publicity, culture and tourism, and statistics, and give full play to the role of industry associations.Third, it is necessary to comprehensively follow up the implementation, play a supervisory role, constantly improve the statistical supervision, capital supervision and post-supervision mechanisms, subdivide work tasks, and strengthen investment attraction of cultural and creative industries.Gu Huiwen stressed to strengthen the key target, outstanding service concept.First, a visiting mechanism should be established to find out the number of cultural and creative enterprises in the region, the output value of cultural and creative industries, tax revenue and other key data.Second, establish investment promotion mechanism, create a new carrier and form of enterprise forum investment promotion, and form a good situation of multi-party cooperation and multi-frequency interaction among cultural and creative enterprises.Third, it is necessary to establish a contact mechanism, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments and industry associations at both urban and urban levels, further integrate cultural and creative resources, form a linkage between the upper and lower levels, and promote the quality and efficiency of cultural and creative industries.Yao Wei, party Secretary and director of district Culture and Tourism Bureau, reported the overall development of cultural and creative industry, main work measures and follow-up development ideas. Song Zhenyu, party member and deputy director of district Culture and Tourism Bureau, and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.