Alchemical Dragon spirit ends the match!LNG avenges German Cup win over FPX, Doinb cheers for Lwx after match

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Introduction: On January 26th, LEAGUE of Legends LPL had 2 games of tears. In the first game, WBG ended V5’s winning streak. After the game, TheShy gave a hug to his old friend Rookie, which made many old IG fans cry.The second game FPX against LNG, Doinb and Lwx old teammates again, threatened to return the German cup revenge, hit wild Beichuan sick FPX starting Clid, “Jin Tai family” three first together.Finally, LNG beat the good years for the fifth consecutive year!Revenge for German cup by beating FPX, Doinb cheers for Lwx after match!In the first game, LNG grabbed blind Monk and blocked Clid. Tarzan and Doinb nakano choked the rhythm in the early stage, and kept going to the road to give pressure. Aletar completed a single kill on the little tiger, FPX got pioneer and dragon, but the two waves paid the price of 6 heads.17 minutes for the dragon, Doinb around after the remaining second, FPX chase to kill wild auxiliary, after listening to the dragon soul stop disadvantage.Medium-term steady operation of LNG still has five thousand economic lead, while FPX home supply sneak Rush dragon, Doinb LAN Ruiz meat has to fly.29 minutes Taishan grabbed the dragon to stop the other side to take the dragon soul, Hang was the first to die, FPX few people are falling back, Doinb charge out of the group, LNG broke the middle and lower two roads.In the late stage, Aranges and Light Verus Poke without solution, the four of them are Green Tawny, Taishan kicks Gori back, and Doinb drives into the spring to get rid of Lwx, which hits the heart!MVP goes to Doinb’s Ruiz, in perfect rhythm.The second round of LNG is even more excessive, Nakano level 4 hit the road over the tower to kill the tiger, and then Doinb fake Gank to Gori, pure as a piece of paper.FPX set to win the vanguard, Hang strong open group, Clid jiao Yue big move to win the double kill, then encountered again in the river, Lwx key big move to reverse the war, Clid again harvested two heads.LNG nakano hit more and more top, two vanguard FPX perfect with zero for three, released vanguard to tear down a tower in the middle.Medium-term LNG urgent up, to the road to four bags two catch Clid, the results were all anti kill three people, while the small tiger on the road single kill Arlo, FPX has got a huge lead at this time.The last wave of Arlo sitting around the portal was seconds, the front group OF LNG has been defeated, FPX hit the group to destroy the ancient dragon did not take, directly in the middle of the base to level the score.MVP to Clid’s kyauk month, return to LPL’s first MVP, classic Korean operation, map resources all control.The tiebreaker turned bloody, with Light getting five heads early on with help from his teammates, and FPX shifting his focus to the road to stabilize the deficit.In the middle stage, the two sides were even economically, LNG had the advantage of 3 small dragons. In 27 minutes, the small tiger belt line was killed by Arlo Alone, while the positive group Lwx was kicked back by Taishan. LNG took down the Alchemy Dragon soul and increased dragon, and FPX crashed instantly.In the last wave of LNG, there were two lives per person and no one could stop it. Lwx did his best and the MVP went to Jinks of Light.After the game, Kegerwang concluded that LNG2:1 beat FPX, winning 5 consecutive games to top the championship table, the players have a good year, and got revenge in the German Cup, Doinb applauded happily, after all, it fulfilled the promise before.In the post-match interview with Doinb, he set the goal of winning the top 2 of the regular season, and then spoke his heart to Lwx: Although we are no longer together, I have always supported it. I hope you can continue to work hard in the future, you are now a team leader of FPX!Doinb knows that Lwx is now in charge and only he can lead FPX to success. He wishes both of them a bright future.Who do you think will end the LNG winning streak?