The Warriors defeated the Thunder 110-98. Appreciate Curry’s high basketball awareness and skill

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The Golden State Warriors beat the Thunder 110-98 at 9 p.m. Beijing time on Feb. 8, 2022.Here’s a look at curry’s all-round basketball awareness and skills.Curry finished with 18 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists, nearing a triple-double.Although Curry is a guard, he is weak in height and strength, but he has the highest rebounds and assists in the whole team. It can’t be said that his high basketball awareness and basketball skills help him play on the court with ease.Curry’s defense doesn’t seem to have much power, but he tends to limit the offense by making early calls and jamming well.Curry got the ball early in the first quarter when he called an offensive line and fouled the other team.At Golden State, the screen and roll is a major part of the team’s game plan, and Curry can often use it to either shoot from the 3-point line or attack the basket with his teammates.After a two-minute stretch in the first quarter, Porter screened a defender and Curry jumped up for a 3-pointer.Curry ran to the basket with two seconds left in the quarter, then stepped up to block a defender and set up kuminga for a layup.Curry’s incredible dribble isn’t good for weaving and timing.Two minutes into the third quarter, Curry drove to the basket but had a bad chance. He dribbled around the basket, used his dribbling skills to draw both defenders and attackers to the basket, and suddenly passed the ball to Klay on the outside, who hit an open 3-pointer.In this quarter, more than 3 minutes into the game, Curry dribbled the ball as if straight to the bottom of the basket for a layup, suddenly turned back to follow up Rooney, while blocking the defenders, Rooney just like a free throw shot;On the next possession, it was the same trick that helped Rooney make a free throw.Curry dribble watch, search for timing, dribble, attack and create his own three-point shot is a common skill of Curry.One of the classic images of curry’s technique was at 7:40 in the first quarter, when he dribbled the ball and made a step-back 3-pointer.One came on a 3-and-1 play in the second quarter, when Curry dribbled downcourt, the defense relaxed a little and Curry shot a jumper that curled into the basket and drew a foul.Curry self – directed attack 3 – point to create foul dead game.With six minutes left in the third quarter, Curry drove to the basket from the bottom corner, and Doult almost blocked the Angle. Curry faxed the shot, causing Doult to foul and hit a free throw.Cross cutting with flowing water.In the 7th-minute fourth quarter, Curry dribbled the ball and attempted a 3-point shot. He dribbled the ball over an opponent and quickly passed it to a teammate. At the same time, He quickly cut to the basket.On the next possession, Curry dribbled and looked to drive to the basket. He had a look at Klay’s position when he suddenly threw a backhanded pass to an open klay, who drove to the basket for a foul.