The Chinese men’s team besieged South Korea’s Hwang Daheon, but the women’s team was completely destroyed!Wang Meng did not dare to take the lead

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On February 11, Beijing time, the summit dialogue of short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to an end again today, with all three main players of China advancing to the men’s 500-meter heat and all three main players of the women’s 1,000-meter heat.First look at the men’s side, they are generally very good, Wu Dajing in the 8th group, directly skated a remarkable result of 40.24 seconds, the other competitors easily qualified, and this 40.24 seconds is the best result of all the competitors in the whole preliminary.Wu Dajing himself is China’s most competitive athlete in this event, is also the best play, even the defending champion, his strength is no problem.On the other side of the Sun Long and Ren Ziwei is also very force, three collective into the semi-finals.Wu Dajing into the semifinals is in the sense of reason, not to mention his preliminary results the fastest, and even suppressed their number one enemy, South Korea’s Hwang Dae-hun, and The South Korean team’s ace lee Jun-rui fell, after the referee looked back was judged foul, directly out of promotion, South Korea only Hwang Dae-hun this only seedlings.It was humiliating for China’s ace to advance while South Korea’s main force crashed out.And China is still in better news, on the other side is more than just Wu Dajing, his teammates Sun Long is also a successful promotion and the groups of Liu Shaoang he was not affected by any, while the back light not see result, but Sun Long is the referee into the reason is that the other side of the Dutch player fant walter forced liquidation leads to contact against the rules, so the sentence in directly.And Ren Ziwei needless to say, is the current Chinese short track speed skating team double champion, strength is also very good, so his promotion is reasonable, these three people’s promotion is deserved.But the women’s team Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong and Han Yutong all out, and lost very miserably, the strength of the women’s team is worse than each other, and now even the individual finals are difficult.When she was commentating on the women’s team, Wang Meng got angry and even said to them, “It’s understandable that your strength is not as good as your opponent’s, but don’t you even have the courage to compete first?No one dared to lead it.Strength is not strong but also behind the slide, at least you have to catch up with your training results, right?”Just like Wang Meng said, the Chinese players almost all finished at the bottom of the fourth or fifth group and were eliminated. It was humiliating to lose so heavily.You are not required to ski the perfect result like Wang Meng, who won four gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympics, but there is a big problem if you have no spirit. The women’s team didn’t even show their spirit. Wang Meng kept daring to them: “Dare to move, my child.Can the coaching team unload their burden, this is the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games dare not fight, when will you dare to fight?Is that hard to understand?”That is, Wang Meng did talk too much and was afraid of being attacked by the net, just like sun Long incident before, so she did not say some words, but the performance of the women’s team can only be said to be ugly.What’s more, Sun Long let go after being criticized by Wang Meng. If you look at the others, for example, some of the women’s team, they couldn’t even let go.