Kaifeng: carry out the volunteer service activity of “introducing meteorological science knowledge into communities”

2022-06-24 0 By

Recently, volunteers of Kaifeng Meteorological Bureau came to Gulou District Wuyi Street office Weidu Road community to carry out “meteorological popular science knowledge into the community” volunteer service activities.Event, weather volunteers by establishing meteorological XuanChuanTai, weather, popular science exhibition board, the scene to residents to speak about all kinds of meteorological disaster prevention knowledge, the implication and the meteorological early warning signal, laws and regulations such as content, distribution of meteorological disasters safety manual, meteorological regulations and severe weather defense knowledge such as material, and teach how to correctly deal with and defense meteorological disasters.At the same time, volunteers also spread weather laws and regulations to residents.”Any use of hydrogen balloons without the approval of the meteorological Bureau is illegal.If someone uses hydrogen balloons, we can report them to us immediately.City weather bureau volunteer said.”The original hydrogen balloons can not be put in disorder, and under the administration of the weather bureau, really did not know before.”Community resident Song said.She said that she gained a lot from listening to the lectures, and gained a lot of meteorological knowledge, learned about the types and levels of meteorological warning signals, and became more clear about how to protect herself in the event of lightning, rainstorm, wind and other strong convection weather, and enhanced the awareness of prevention.(Wang Meijuan)