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Today, changan MAZDA’s new generation of “twin stars” – the next generation of MAZDA3 And MAZDA CX-30 have been released in advance of the year-end awards, two grand Slam players from the new generation of technology platform launched a battle, who is better, let us see!Since the advent of “soul” design, the design field of the award, Mazda brand has been a soft hand.The next generation MAZDA3 Exela and MAZDA CX-30 are both equipped with the latest “Soul 2.0” design concept, using minimalist curved light and shadow to reveal the vitality of life that cannot be duplicated.In 2019-2020, since the two models entered the market one after another, they have swept the field of design awards, with heavyweight design awards almost all in the bag.First of all, the “amazing and beautiful driving” next-generation MAZDA3 Exela won the “Red Dot Design Award”, “World Design Car of the Year” and “China Design Car of the Year”.Champion style, deserved.Then came MAZDA CX-30, a new-generation SUV, which has won the “Red Dot Design Award”, “Japanese Car of the Year” and “Chinese Car of the Year”.Strength is no less impressive.Safety is Mazda’s proudest label outside of design.Since the advent of “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology, with highly innovative vehicle architecture technology, it has passed the tests of North America, Europe and other markets where safety crash tests are most stringent.The next-generation MAZDA3 Exela and MAZDA CX-30, equipped with next-generation vehicle architecture technology, have taken safety performance to the next level, scoring near perfect scores in major crash tests around the world.The first is the next generation Of MAZDA3 Exela, which has been awarded:TOP SAFETY PICK from north American IIHS crash test”Safety evaluation, e-NCAP crash test five-star safety rating,” C-IASI China Auto Insurance Safety Index “(China Insurance Research Institute) evaluation of 6 high” G “excellent rating, C-NCAP(China New Car Evaluation procedures) five-star safety rating.The security category is a global grand Slam.Then there is MAZDA CX-30. As A global model, it has successively obtained the five-star rating of A-NCAP Australian Crash test since its launch, with the score rate of adult safety index reaching 99%, which is the highest score in the history of the collision agency.Top Safety or Top Safety Pick award for North American IIHS Crash Test, 5-star evaluation for European E-NCAP Safety Crash Test.Also a global Grand Slam winner in the security category.03 Comprehensive category year-end bonus showdown is strong or weak, but also depends on the showdown of comprehensive strength.The next generation MAZDA3 And The MAZDA CX-30 are among the three finalists in the 2020 World Car Awards, creating a record of two models from the same brand competing for this award.Since its entry into the Chinese market, the second-generation MAZDA3 Exella has further won the “China Car of the Year” award, and the MAZDA CX-30 has won the “China SUV of the Year”.Globally, the MAZDA CX-30 scored 95 points from Consumer Reports in North America, propelling the MAZDA brand to the top spot with an average score of 83.After reviewing the awards of the two models, in terms of overall strength, both Mazda’s global strategic model and Mazda’s global strategic model are equally matched in both the overseas market and the Chinese market, and they are the only choice to buy a favorite car.As a Mazda overseas vehicle manufacturing enterprise integrating research, production, supply and marketing, Relying on accurate and efficient collaborative RESEARCH and development system and large-scale manufacturing system, Chang ‘an Mazda continues to introduce models equipped with Mazda’s global new design and technology concepts, and respond to the diversified vehicle needs of Chinese users with global standards and global quality.Recently, Changan Mazda put into production the first door cover assembly line supporting flexible production of 8 models in China.New flexible door cover automatic assembly line adopts comprehensive high-tech automation solutions, including “intelligent visual guide technology”, “intelligent tighten technology”, “intelligent quality control technology”, a number of core technologies in the domestic leading level, task, in many models of flexible production line can realize multiple models switching 0 seconds, will “lean manufacturing system” to new heights