“Yuanxiao wonderful Tour” shows “fingertip dance”, netizens sigh “Dream Lotus” artistic conception absolutely

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Elephant reporter Zhang Ziqi “The Terracotta Warriors are alive!””And henan popular science dance,” Dream lotus “artistic conception is off” “on the national wind you can always believe in Henan” “I declare” yuanxiao appointment “is the favorite”……On the evening of February 14, the 2022 “Yuanxiao Magic Tour” arrived as promised, and continued to attract fans with beautiful audio-visual language and traditional cultural interest.”Dream Lotus”, “Five Stars out of the East”, “Once upon a Time slow”, “Midnight Encounter”, “Return gun” and other programs also gained high popularity.2022 “Yuanxiao Wonderful Tour” is produced by Henan Broadcasting and Television And co-produced by Youku. It premiered on youku and Daelephant news client on the evening of February 14, 2022.Henan SATELLITE TV, People’s Daily New media Matrix, “Henan Spring Festival Gala official” microblog broadcast simultaneously.Some netizens said that the 52-minute film is well-structured and has far-reaching meanings, continuing the high quality of the “Chinese Festival” series.As the director of the “Chinese Festival” series, it is impossible not to be urged.It is said that during festivals, people miss their relatives more, but for many netizens, the dance programs of Henan Broadcasting and TV stations begin to miss them when they come to Chinese traditional festivals.Despite the pressure, the 2022 “Yuanxiao Magic Tour” is still hot circle.Situational dances such as “The Date of Yuanxi” and “Once Slow” convey the warm and beautiful emotions in the world through different forms of presentation.And the most enthusiastic, when the number of dance “Dream Lotus” and “Five Stars out of the East.Fingertips unfurl like the petals of a lotus flower, rippling as the dancer rises and falls.The dance “Dream Lotus” shows the magical process from bud to blossom with movement, and presents a complicated, pure and meaningful dream through the minimalist aesthetics of the Song Dynasty.The Oriental aesthetics created by this “fingertip dance” has made netizens praise it as “extremely beautiful”.And the dance “Five Stars out of the East” is another pair of primitive charm.Under the astronomical spectacle of “gold, wood, water, fire, earth and five stars gathering”, it vividly shows the profound cultural connotation carried by precious cultural relics on the stage.Many netizens have commented that “the Terracotta Warriors are alive” and “watching yuanxiao’s Wonderful Journey increases knowledge”.Deep dig “Yuanxiao” humanity connotation three theme chapters into the lights of the world of interest is, three series of series of programs “yuan of”, “night when meet”, “lamp reflect vientiane”, also corresponding to this field “Yuanxiao wonderful tour” three themes “yuan”, “night”, “lamp”.As the occasion of the Lantern Festival party, the party director group also in the flagship excellent traditional cultural innovation expression on the basis of continuing to dig the “Lantern Festival” cultural connotation.For example, the Lantern Festival lively, reunion and festival, the audience can be in the visual show “watch the east”, food show “harmony” immersing in the lively Lantern Festival folk custom, rich fireworks are set off a strong festival atmosphere.From shilinna Yigao’s song, we can feel the romance and beauty of Lantern Festival again. “Yuanxiao is the invisible anniversary, at the boundary between the past and the future.”On the willow tip head, people about dusk.To meet at night is to go on a long-awaited date before the moon is sprinkled over the world and when the lanterns are about to light up the night sky.The “lamp” can be either a small orange lamp at home, or the light of civilization, protection and truth.The sages study tour when an oil lamp, the general escorted the people of a lantern, the station to see off the students, the old lamp attached to the lop Nor bungalalows……Little lights into thousands of lights, reflecting the prosperity of peace.The song “Rain, rain, rainbow, Sonorous Roses” celebrates China’s victory in the Asian Women’s Football Cup, which also reflects the bright sunshine of Chinese women’s power in this era of vigorous endeavor.The meaning of yuanxiao, also from the family reunion, stretching to the lights.These shows have their own points of interest, so that the Internet users enjoy watching.However, the 52-minute length of the program has caused netizens to “ridicule”.”The only drawback is that it’s too short to watch enough!””Netizen Mryang Dudu said.The creative team of “Take you to Love” hopes to leave philosophical thoughts and enlightening visual expression to the people of today. It continues the aesthetic style of Chinese fashion and incorporates contemporary multicultural elements, which is the expertise of the people behind the “Chinese Festival” series.In the view of the creative team, “wonderful” night, through history, but also imagining the present.From ancient times to today, although the customs of festivals have evolved, the emotional core of the festival has not changed, leaving modern people with philosophical thinking and enlightenment.”When you see something really good, and you feel something, and you’re excited, you want to show it.That’s what we’re feeling right now, the excitement of finding this treasure, and I want to share it with you.”Lu Hongli, chief director of Yuanxiao Magic Journey, said about her passion for creation.For the team behind the “Chinese Festival” series, the online praise is both pressure and motivation, and there is always the worry of what they can do next time.But the next time, the fairy team will always have a new move.Lu Hongli believes that Chinese traditional culture programs with warmth must bring emotion. “I am not showing you, I am not popularizing science to you, we are bringing you to love.”She also said that the expectation and praise from netizens are both pressure and motivation for them.”I am very grateful to you for your kindness, so IT is still the same sentence I said at last year’s press conference for The Wonderful Night of the Lantern Festival: ‘Nothing in return, only works’.””Said Lu Hongli.There are dreamlike poetry, elegant, romantic and warm, but also valiant.Perhaps this is the meaning of the Lantern Festival in the new era.It is also the attitude of the creators behind the series of “Chinese Festivals” to constantly face challenges and surpass themselves.