The rockets didn’t give up Gordon and Wood, who were just passers-by on the road to rebuilding

2022-06-23 0 By

Trade deadline, the rockets failed to Gordon and wood off, said good because the rockets inside only ShenJingHe wood, no one is available, and the 13 million annual salary contract is very friendly to the rockets, and wood’s contract expires in 2023, it is very elastic long-term positive for the team, it’s no surprise left him, trading is not for the sake of trade and trade,The rockets don’t like Wood, and wood is just a passer-by on the road to rebuilding.Gordon is also very good to keep, a rebuilding team needs 1 or 2 veteran players to stabilize the team, and Gordon is in charge of the Rockets in the last two years of his contract, which is not necessarily a bad thing, Gordon is not noisy, very professional player.At the same time, the team needs both of them to help the rookies improve, and the rockets essentially overcharged for keeping Gordon.Such a result, no one is willing to overpay, because the wood and the serious problem of weak attack strong defence with the ball acquisitiveness, itself is the best trading time points last season, this season to a close at the end of the first round draft picks and role players is the maximum limit, but the rockets want two first-round draft picks really too not reality, so were forced to stay!And for Gordon, obviously he doesn’t want to go, and he doesn’t want to go again. It’s a little bit of a no-effort feeling. It would be worth it if he were the 16-20 pick in the first round with all his offensive firepower.The rockets’ desire to get a better deal is understandable after all, resources are everything in rebuilding a team.The rockets are still building on green and Porter. Wood and Gordon need to get right where they are. They’re role players.If it can’t be changed, the rockets will not renew their contract when it expires next year, and other teams will want them.