Teacher Gong Quanzhen is a character in what TV play

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Gong Quanzhen teacher is the character of the TV series “The beginning of the Heart”, the TV series “the beginning of the heart” formerly known as “general farmers”, is directed by Song Yeming, Jin Binlin, Wu Jingan, Ding Liuyuan, Song Yu, Xu Yongge, Hong Tao, Wang Jia, Su Li and other co-stars of the biographical drama.The play centers on the theme of “staying true to the original aspiration”, telling the story of “general farmer” Gan Zuchang, who is not suitable for a leadership position, resigns and returns to his hometown as a farmer with his wife and children.Twenty-nine years rooted in the countryside, leading the villagers hard struggle to change the backward appearance of their hometown, until the last moment of life story.In the TV series Beginner’s Mind, Ding Liuyuan plays Gong Quanzhen, a former teacher at Bayi School in xinjiang Military Command.After she married Gan Zuchang, she gave up the city life, followed Gan Zuchang back to the countryside of Jiangxi, and devoted her precious youth to rural education.After gan zuchang’s death, she continued to carry forward gan Zuchang’s spirit, highly praised and loved by the local people, and was rated as a national moral model.Wu Jingan plays Gan Zuchang, who fights to save the country in turbulent times and braves hardships to build Xinjiang during the new China era.After knowing the situation of his hometown, he resolutely resigned and led the people of his hometown to open land, transform red soil, build Bridges, build reservoirs and build power stations, benefiting the people and trying to change the backward economic situation of his hometown.”Beginner’s Mind” creates a simple and unique image of “general peasants”, which is not only limited to the performance of the deeds of model figures, but also explores and studies the content and sublimates the theme.