Xinjiang herdsmen riding in the snow, holding the national flag to bid farewell to the Olympic athletes: wish the horse success, the beginning of victory

2022-06-22 0 By

Cross-country skiers of the national team finish their training in Wenquan County, Xinjiang Province, On Jan 21.Now they are taking a bus to Beijing, China, to take part in the Winter Olympics every four years and win glory for their country.This insipid to, also want to insipid leave.As Xu Zhimo wrote, I quietly came, I quietly walked away, a wave of sleeves, do not take a cloud.But herdsmen here in Xinjiang have sent warm wishes to the athletes in their own way.Xinjiang Wenquan county outside the vast snow, the sky is foggy, floating white snow.The day and the earth seemed to have no boundary, forming a pair of pure white picture scroll.But at this time, the herdsmen in Xinjiang riding horses, galloping in this white picture.The head of the man held high the hands of the national flag, a red swing in the wind, in this pure white picture scroll appears so eye-catching.Then, more and more red flags fly in the sky on the land of Xinjiang.As the motorcade drifted away, the horsemen, carrying red flags, chased the national team’s vehicles.Snow again big, these herdsmen did not loosen the hands of the national flag.There is no sound in this blessing, but here it is silent, but louder.The Olympic athletes on the bus were in tears.Yeah!The Chinese nation is a big family, 56 ethnic groups should be tightly hugged together like pomegranate seeds.No matter what difficulties we meet, we can overcome them together as one.Seeing such a scene, many enthusiastic netizens have commented on the video.”With such good people, how can our motherland not be strong!””Praise for the motherland, for the Winter Olympic athletes refueling!””This is a real emotion that can’t be filmed in a movie. It’s a touch of red on the boundless earth that brings tears to your eyes.”It is reported that there are 12 small events in the Beijing Winter Olympic Cross-country skiing program, and our Chinese cross-country ski team has been qualified for all the events.Give them a thumbs up!At the same time, with the help of the xinjiang herdsmen to build a beautiful picture, I wish our athletes in the Winter Olympics can be a success.