Sinan: Cadres must pass the law before performing their duties

2022-06-22 0 By

February 16, sinan County, the standing committee of the National People’s Congress to appoint the county’s state organs before the legal knowledge examination.Legal knowledge test, the former is in accordance with the thinks the party organization and personnel arrangement, according to the county peoples congress standing committee of national office working personnel former legal knowledge test method “regulation, to uphold and improve the personnel appointment procedures, improve the level of proposed personnel legal knowledge, promoting the administration according to law and fair judicature is of great significance.SiNa County Liao Yongsheng introduction, deputy director of the National People’s Congress standing committee by conducting legal knowledge test, and can effectively understand whether to appoint staff members of state organs have legal consciousness, can master legal common sense, if you have designated position necessary legal knowledge, test its legal level and management ability in accordance with the law, and then in the future work conscientiously study, law-abiding, usage,We will run the government strictly in accordance with the law, better perform the statutory duties and responsibilities of employees of state organs, and better serve the people.At the same time, it is an important measure to further perfect the personnel appointment and removal procedures of the standing Committee of the county people’s Congress, and to ensure that the standing committee of the county people’s Congress can better exercise the personnel appointment and removal authorized by the Constitution and laws.Liao Yongsheng also said that sinan county personnel will take the examination of legal knowledge before the appointment as a reference, in the future take the lead in learning law, usage, law-abiding, respect law, further establish the consciousness of consciously accept the supervision of the NPC and its standing Committee, enhance the ability and level of administration according to law;To establish the concept that power is entrusted by the people and power is to better serve the people, conscientiously perform duties in accordance with the law, actively act, strive to promote the full implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the county Party Committee, and make positive contributions to promote the high-quality economic development of Sinan County.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Zhou Ji editor Jiang Jiajia editor Zhu Xie