Jiuquan municipal People’s Congress investigation group to the city procuratorate investigation and guidance

2022-06-22 0 By

On February 25, Tumen Gilgele, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiuquan Municipal People’s Congress, and his delegation visited the Municipal People’s Procuratorate to investigate and guide the work.The research group inspected the 12309 procuratorial service center, remote video reception room, information center room, police painting and calligraphy exhibition room, party construction positions, etc., and understood in detail the work of case acceptance, petition reception, intelligent inspection, etc., and listened to the report of the city’s procuratorial work in 2021, supervision and work planning in 2022.Wang Ye, party secretary and procurator-general of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate, accompanied the investigation and presided over the symposium.Sliding around to see more pictures tumen Jill zeigler, points out that the jiuquan city procuratorial organ under the leadership of the municipal party committee and provincial people’s procuratorate, started its obligations in accordance with the law and in the service center of the big picture, power of peace building, escort, promote fairness and justice, to carry out the economic development made a positive contribution for the practical work, etc, and consciously accept supervision and positive, bright course of procuratorial work,The construction of intelligent inspection has been fruitful, and the team has taken on an entirely new look, contributing to the high-quality development of the city’s economy and society.Tumengelgrad stressed that on the basis of consolidating good experience and practices, great efforts should be made to identify weak links and make up for deficiencies to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and balanced development of all procuratorial work.We should strengthen the brand awareness, comprehensively sort out the work, pay attention to cultivating bright spots and take practical measures to create a procuratorial brand with Jiuquan characteristics.We need to deepen procuratorial reform, fully implement the judicial accountability system, and constantly improve mechanisms for checking and supervising the exercise of law enforcement and judicial power. We need to fulfill reform tasks and energize our work.We need to focus on the overall interests of the central government and the concerns of the people, launch a number of special actions for legal oversight, improve relevant working mechanisms in the performance of duties, and improve the quality and effectiveness of legal oversight.We should enrich the media of publicity, innovate the forms of publicity, tell the stories of Jiuquan procuratorial work well, and constantly enhance the influence of Jiuquan procuratorial work.We will more readily accept the oversight of the PEOPLE’s Congresses, actively report on their work, work together to solve existing problems, and improve all procuratorial work.Iao, said prosecutors in the city will be more consciously accept supervision of National People’s Congress, listen carefully, and actively implement the opinions of the people’s congress, the representative contact work do much more precise and more extreme, put on behalf of the supervision and support into real power to promote the development of high quality in procuratorial work, by the high quality of procuratorial started new jiuquan contribution of procuratorial power in order to speed up the construction of happiness.Enter the field of food and drug safety legal supervision clues report small procedure public interest litigation clues report way: enter public interest litigation · Take photos to report