With the people’s teachers’ “glimmer”, illuminate the community’s fight against “epidemic” road

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Today early in the morning, district education and sports system with the prevention and control work leading group received a letter from gansu water bay economic cooperation clubs Xue Jiadao street, hot words, suddenly shone with a shiny name, she is she was accused of, and actively participate in community and epidemic prevention of the people’s teacher, the new city the third primary school teacher – Xue Hui xiangjiang road.Back on March 1, 2022, the Ganshuiwan Economic Cooperation and Development Association reported its first local case. The community drew a police cordon and people began to stay at home. The epidemic prevention and control situation was very severe.In the face of the outbreak, Xue Hui contacted community workers and applied to help with the epidemic prevention work at the front line.In this way, she became a member of the Ganshui Bay red Point Volunteer Service Team.”I reported the situation to the school leaders. The school attached great importance to it and asked me to temporarily suspend classes and wait for arrangements. My work was shared by my colleagues first, which reassured me.”With the school’s attention and relief, Xue hui was relieved and began to participate in community epidemic prevention work.Under the arrangement of the party branch of the community, Xue Hui was in charge of checking the information of nucleic acid test personnel and printing bar codes at the detection point.The cold wind was biting, and her hands were numb from hours of typing.Every day when it gets dark, the lights of the Ganshuiwan epidemic Command office are brightly lit. Xue, along with community cadres and other staff, do not have meals to quickly sort out information. She promptly marks problems and collects all the information together.In order to prevent information omission, she checked the apartment building number, room number, telephone number and ID card information again and again by staring at the dense data on the screen.Finally, the data information of more than 380 people in nearly 200 households in 11 buildings in the community was collected before midnight.This accurate and detailed first-hand information provided a strong data basis for later visits and supplies distribution, and also made ganshuiwan Economic Cooperation Society take a big step toward victory in the process of scientific prevention of the spread of the epidemic.In the containment area, nucleic acid tests were done almost every day. She and xue Hongguang, the old village head, knocked on the door at 6:30 every day and assisted the medical staff in taking nucleic acid samples for residents.Every time the supplies are distributed, Xue Hui and the community staff sort, sort and match, and then move the boxes to the transfer truck one by one. After all the supplies are transported, she arrives in front of the distribution building to deliver the goods with everyone.Material handling and distribution is a strenuous work, there is no elevator in the community, she is wearing protective clothing, wearing N95 mask, when breathing, the glasses are fog, a haze, but this does not affect the speed of her handling and distribution.From 6 am to 7 PM, xue hui would not drink water or go to the toilet as long as she wore protective clothing. She actively and enthusiastically served the residents and treated her work seriously and responsibly. Residents and staff praised her.Every educator has the responsibility and obligation to participate in maintaining social peace and stability. Xue Hui did not forget her job even though she was on the front line of fighting against the epidemic.”I received the notice of the online teaching, so I began to prepare and did everything I could for the online teaching.”As long as she has time, she will look through the reading and writing content that students send to the group every day to know the learning situation of the day.During this period, she communicated with her colleagues about students’ problems in class and talked with individual students to learn about their study and life.During her days in isolation, the school and colleagues also asked her how she was, which encouraged her.”I feel it is my responsibility to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the community, and the principal is very supportive of me to participate in the service.Not only me, but also my colleagues at school are busy making their own contributions to the fight against the virus.”More than ten days of silent adherence, and finally sing the song of victory.At 0:00 on March 16, ganshui Bay Economic Cooperation lifted the lockdown and adjusted to a low-risk area.In this invisible battlefield, Xue Hui, regardless of personal safety, has the courage to take responsibility, and is willing to contribute to her own practical actions to convey positive energy, highlight the style of the new District’s educators, and contribute to the protection of home and the fight against the epidemic!Now Xue Hui, together with thousands of education and sports colleagues, is on the other side of the screen, continuing to fight the “epidemic”……The last paragraph of this letter wrote: “although gump water bay community in this outbreak to victory in the war, but all the epidemic prevention and control work continues, the gansu water bay economic cooperation clubs Xue Jiadao streets Xue Hui express sincere thanks to the teacher’s selfless behavior, on the west coast of new education system of sports teachers who dedicate themselves’ disease resistance force said high respect!”Xue Hui and the children are here. We want to say: In the face of the epidemic, we are citizens first, teachers second.To stand up for community epidemic prevention is to set an example and educate students to have a sense of social responsibility. It is to become a model for millions of students with practical actions.The peace of the west coast is the light that many fine dust gather together. Teachers of the People will always be the most simple and regretless light of this city!The content of this article is original, if you need to reprint please contact us