What is the second test of English?What kinds of assessment forms are there?I’ll show you the second exam

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At present major province already announced 2022 take an examination of grind first test result query time, many classmates have begun to understand second test information after estimating cent!We have learned that the second interview process of most colleges and universities is indispensable for the Examination of English ability.Recently, we received messages from some friends backstage: “What should I do if I don’t understand the teacher’s English questions?””Will the teacher ask me a lot of management terms in English?””My English pronunciation is not standard, will the English score be very low?””I’m afraid of English. Can I skip the English part?”Don’t take part in the English section…That’s definitely not going to work!However, do not panic, we will introduce the second test in the English plate in the end to assess what, with what way to assess students.The English ability test in the second test, mainly tests whether the students have the basic listening, speaking, reading, writing ability, can be understood as the test whether we can use English, do the specified content or topic of simple communication.Therefore, the English assessment of in-service management master programs is generally not difficult, so we do not need to be too anxious about it.Different colleges and universities will have different assessment links in the English ability test. There are several common forms: on-site impromptu question and answer, reading and translating passages, etc.The two forms of assessment are similar. The questions can be roughly divided into the following categories: self-introduction, personal life, study and work and social affairs.For this kind of questions, don’t worry about your answer is not good enough, as long as the courage to speak, dare to communicate can be scored.The examiner will ask the examinee to make a brief self-introduction.The self-introduction section usually includes the examinee’s basic personal information, such as name, hometown, educational background, personality and hobbies, work and study experience, awards or achievements, reasons and determination for postgraduate study, etc.Need to remind everyone that self-introduction does not need to cover everything, it is best to reflect their own advantages;The time should not be too long, preferably 2-3 minutes.Make sure you prepare for this part.Please make a brief introduction.Could you please introduce yourself? Can you tell me something about yourself?Please tell me something about yourself.Personal life: This kind of questions may involve personal life, hobbies, advantages and disadvantages, values and so on.Examiners hope to understand candidates’ personality, personal quality, family background and so on through such questions.Tell me about a book that you have read recently.How do your colleagues and friends describe you?How would your colleagues and friends describe you?Please make a brief introduction to your hometown.How do you spend your spare/leisure time? How do you spend your spare time?Do you think you can use your spare time to do something meaningful? Do you think you can use your spare time to do something meaningful? Do you think you can use your spare time to do something meaningful?In my free time, I like reading books, especially those about business and history. When I have time, I like reading books, especially about business and history.Or In my spare time, I'M really into swimming, which is a good way to keep fit and relieve pressure. M Really into swimming, which is a good way to keep fit and relieve pressure.(3) learning work class: this kind of topic might involve and careers related to a series of problems, including the working content, working achievement, encounter problems will be how to deal with at work, etc., at the same time questions may also be involved in study in this area, such as the future how to balance work and learning, learning, planning, graduate school, school choice factor, etc.We can answer these questions to show that we have the potential to be a good manager.17 What is your greatest success/accomplishment in your work?What was your greatest accomplishment on the job?Tell me about a time when you made a bad decision.Where do you see yourself in five years?(Where do you see yourself in five years?)What qualities do you think a good leader/manager should have?What qualities do you think make a good leader or manager?If you are not admitted to our university, what will you do?What will you do if you are not admitted to our school?How will you balance your work and study if you are admitted?If you are hired, how will you balance your work, life and family?It is recommended that you answer these questions with “balance” and show that you have good time management skills.Since I am rather busy at work, I always make a schedule in advance to manage my time, As I am very busy with my work, I usually plan my time in advance, which can help me arrange my work so as not to occupy my study time.Social affairsThis kind of topic is relatively difficult, not everyone will be asked, but it is recommended that you know some hot words related to current events in advance.Such as live streaming, digital Currency, electronic Payment, artificial Intelligence, Artificial intelligence, Epidemic Prevention andControl the epidemic.What do you see about the effects of COVID-19 pandemic?The epidemic is a hot topic in current affairs. You can talk about its impact on the whole world and society from a macro perspective, or talk about its impact on industries, enterprises and individuals based on your own experience.Well, it has posed a great challenge to the whole world. For example, for economy and society, Many businesses have to be suspended, in particular those engaged in tourism industries.In economic and social terms, for example, many businesses have had to suspend operations, especially those in tourism.Generally speaking, the examiner will give us an English paragraph, after simple thinking, will let us read this paragraph before interpreting.Of course, the translation requirements are not as high as those of the written test. It is enough to grasp the key words of the paragraph and express the general meaning without pursuing perfection.The effect is caused by the way we allocate our attention. When we travel down a well-known route, Because we don’t have to concentrate much, time seems to flow more quickly. And afterwards,when we come to think back on it, We can’t remember the journey well because we didn’t pay much attention to it. So we assume it was shorter.Get such a paragraph behind, we do not need to hurry to start to turn, you can read the whole paragraph through again, there is no need to tangle too much do not know the words.A. attention B. attention C. attention D. attentionBy grasping the key words, we can translate the central meaning according to our own understanding.For example, in this paragraph, we must focus on the keyword allocate attention.A well-known route, don’t have to concentrate much, can’t remember the journey,Didn’t pay much attention to it.The effect is caused by the way we allocate our attention.When we’re on a familiar journey, we don’t have to concentrate, so time seems to pass faster.But then, when we think back on this journey, we don’t recall it clearly because we didn’t pay attention to it.That’s why we think the journey is relatively short.In addition, very few colleges and universities may arrange English listening test, which is similar to the listening test of college entrance examination and CET4/6, but the difficulty is not too high.I remind you that you must pay more attention to the official website of the target university and prepare for the second English test according to the latest policy requirements announced by the school.In a word, the second test English is not so terrible as we imagined, we must remember: the mouth has points!It’s important to speak up, smile and show confidence.Of course, if you are still worried about the English comprehensive ability test after reading this article, you can also contact Tai Qi in time. 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