Three infinite flow of the sky novel, through the Hong Kong integrated world, black and white two eat, eventually become a hero

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Many fans will ask why xiaobian is humorous and funny.The answer, of course, is to read novels every day.Today to recommend a few good and exciting novels, if you feel good, I hope you are special, handsome, charming little brother little sister to small make up the article point a praise plus a concern yo, small make up will recommend fantasy, fantasy, xiu Xian and other theme novels every day.Today xiaobian to recommend to you: three infinite flow of the sky novel, through the Hong Kong comprehensive world, black and white two all eat, eventually become the hero of the first “film and television world from the God of Medicine” author: Leng Li Hiccup Leng introduction: an ordinary person, experiencing a section of extraordinary life……,, as far as possible city, not immortal.Dying to Survive, Infernal Affairs, Only Thirty, Fleet of Time, The Grandmaster, Ode to Joy….How to get into the pit: A week goes by.Wang Yan or daily work in the company to write code, in addition to Yang Zixi, but also with Wu Mei and two battles.Have no way, king someone lives too good, the Wu Mei that has experienced has no matter to also remember.During this period of time, the operation of his company came up with a set of promotion plan, and the legal department also had a detailed understanding of Hu’s advertising and Hu Rongqiang. Both sides are in contact with Hu’s advertising.Their company’s advertising business is certainly not as big as the annual business of dade’s listed company, so the one that connects with them is the Adong chosen by Hu Rongqiang to beat the drum with Shi Xiaomeng, and Shi Xiaomeng still needs to study dade’s list.For Hu Rongqiang, it doesn’t matter whether dade’s order can be won or not, after all, his company’s earnings are also good.Just that he saw the opportunity to go to Shi Xiaomeng’s home and had some ideas.If he can win, not only will his company grow, but his own life will be better.If you can’t take it down, it doesn’t matter with him. After all, you didn’t expect it. It’s about taking a pinch of Shi Xiaomeng.Introduction: Myasthenia gravis patients came to the Republic of China, found that there are demons here, unfortunately, Founder Zhengqing can not practice, but also be forced to become zombies, otherwise wiped out.Guide to the pit: Fang Zhengqing heard the howl of evil ghosts, turned to look, see a group of ghosts from the hole came in.With this group of evil ghosts come in, Fang Zhengqing grin, directly rushed to them, both hands hold the soul to use, mouth to use, MAO Xiaofang attracted the evil ghost not only loss of Fang Zhengqing strength, but also enhanced his strength.There is no lack of some old ghosts, but in the face of Fang Zhengqing’s soul and convinced, there is no resistance, are swallowed by Fang Zhengqing.After swallowing all the evil ghosts, Fang Zhengqing looked up at the head of the flags, directly reached out to catch the flags, this is directly caught, and then the instant burst.Fang Zhengqing flew out of the mouth of the cave and saw a stick wrapped around a white cloth coming from a distance and hitting him. He felt a pain immediately.Although the white cloth stick hit him on the body, the pain, like the poison of scorpion essence, reached to his mind.When Fang Zhengqing stood still, he saw two ghosts standing at the entrance of the cave. They were dressed in blue, black and black robes, and they were holding locks, chains and mourning sticks in their hands.(Click below to read for free) The third “Hong Kong Comprehensive World Big Hero” author: Meng Jun Introduction: three infinite flow of the sky novel, through the Hong Kong comprehensive world, black and white, and finally become the hero!His name is Chuang Shikai. He’s a detective!Also a brother!From detective inspector in the 1970s, to Commissioner in the 1980s, to the first Chinese commissioner in the 1990s.Some called him Zhuang, others a tycoon, and finally Time magazine called him “the hero who crossed the century.”Pit guide: “Inspector Zhuang, long time no see.”At this time fire Kylin with centaurs into the building, smiling and say hello to Zhuang Shikai.”Hehe.”Chuang Shi-kai took a sip of tea, smiled, and looked at him with his eyes. “I said,” Why did you get cold water between your teeth?”Don’t say that, Sir. I have always respected you.””Because I know you’re not like the others. You have a heart…”Fire Kylin politely picked up the search warrant and said aloud, “Officer Zhuang wouldn’t mind my brothers checking it out, would you?””Look anywhere.””Just don’t interrupt my dinner.”Chuang Shikai put down his teacup and picked up his chopsticks again.Fire qi Lin slight nod, immediately toward the subordinate nodded beside, Han Zhibang and other people immediately spread out, while walking the side of the road with white gloves, began according to special training subjects carefully search a mansion, never let go of a corner.Chuang Shikai really moved chopsticks again, continue to eat.May: Well, I’m very mature. I’m wearing a floral dress.Raise in everybody house courtyard, natural meeting nurtures the temperament of everybody goodwife.Living and moving qi, nourishing and moving body.This is not just a saying, but a very real one.Fire kirin approached some, his hands held a chair next to the table, looked at a circle of seemingly simple food, and then not simply said: “Zhuang Sir Eat very good.”(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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