The sword finger champion, the opponent accepted the spirit to send a gentle embrace, Zhao Xintong after the initial movement of the master style

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Have to say, at present in the world snooker, Chinese player Zhao Xintong is absolutely the right red first-class master.Not only does he play well, but his mental quality is improving day by day.The ongoing German Masters gives Zhao xintong a stage to show his strength to the world, proving that he won the UK Championship by virtue of his strength is not lucky, but standing on the top of the podium.Shortly after the end of the semifinal, Zhao Xintong played a very wonderful game, eliminated the opponent head to advance to the final, the sword to the champion.His opponent, Ricky Walton, was visibly humbled by the loss and gave a tender hug afterward.To the delight of Chinese fans, zhao xintong then made a move that gave the impression that the young Chinese star was beginning to take on the role of a master, one who may well become one of the world’s top players in her future career.In fact, zhao xintong was not favored by fans before the Start of the German Masters.Although Zhao xintong is the new champion of the UK Championship, there are still many people who are not convinced by him, believing that his victory is due to luck rather than strength.And the German Masters zhao xintong signing is not good, the first round will be against one of the “75 Three” world champion Mark Williams.Even if he does, according to the matchup chart, he still has Trump, the most popular player of the last two seasons, on his way.However, Zhao did not disappoint the fans who love and support him.Beat veteran Mark Williams almost outright in the first round, and he was even more impressive when he met Trump, who didn’t look like a weight class matchup.Chao almost swept Trump 5-1.Just like that, with her excellent play, Zhao reached the final four, and the semifinal was richie Walton.Ricky Walton, 39, is currently ranked 24th and has won three ranking titles.In recent years, his results have not been ideal, but in this German Masters, he played very well, including Robertson, Luca along the way.Bletcher, Karen.Wilson three seeded players, reached the final four.He had played zhao xintong once before, when Zhao won 4-3.But now Zhao Xintong is not the same zhao Xintong, so before the game, zhao Xintong optimistic people obviously more.The semi-final was played in the best of 11 frames, and Ritchie Walton was in form at the start, scoring a 74 in the first frame.In the second game, Walton won again.The opening to 0-2 down, which makes many fans worried for Zhao Xintong.But zhao has definitely improved, especially in terms of confidence and temperament.Despite being two frames down, he showed no signs of panic and broke straight back with a 78 in the third frame.In the fourth round, Walton shot a 66 to win.Richie – Walton won the game, but it was his last victory of the match.The subsequent game was completely controlled by Zhao Xintong.He came back from 3-1 down in five straight sets to win 6-3 and head into the final.Richie – Walton was so convinced by zhao’s performance that he probably didn’t expect zhao to play so bravely when he was behind.So, after the match, Ricky Walton didn’t hide his admiration for Zhao and gave him a tender hug to congratulate his young opponent on making it to the final.Zhao xintong has since been very domineer towards the audience raised a finger, a fist salute.This move, very imperious, very confident, gave a person the demeanor of a master, the audience responded with a standing ovation.And in the previous elimination of Trump, Zhao Xintong also gave the audience at the scene, also give their thumbs up, full of confidence, let the audience also stood up to applaud him.I have to say that zhao xintong is very different now.Watching him now, it’s just confidence.In short, he is completely unafraid of opponents, no matter who they are, he can deal with calmly.This is indeed a big improvement, and this kind of competition temperament is a necessary condition to become a master player, I believe that with the precipitation of time, Zhao Xintong will have more improvement, will also achieve more good results.Congratulations to Zhao Xintong.