The first socialized charging station in Huoshan County was completed and put into operation

2022-06-21 0 By

“I wanted to buy a new energy car for a long time, saving money and protecting the environment, but I was worried that there was no place to charge it. Now I have a good charging pile, and I am no longer afraid of buying a car without a place to charge it.”Ms. Shu, who lives in Hengshan Town, Huoshan County, said happily to the power supply company staff who were debugging the charging pile.On January 23, the pisuan West Road parking lot public charging station invested by State Grid Anhui Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation.The charging station is designed according to two piles and four guns, which can provide DC quick charging service for four electric vehicles at the same time, ending the history of no public charging station in Huoshan County, and also solving the worries for the majority of electric car owners who go home for the Spring Festival.In recent years, with the concept of “low carbon life, green travel” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people gradually, new energy vehicles industry booming, huoshan county of new energy car ownership is rapidly rising, and form a complete set of charging infrastructure demand is growing, new energy vehicle owners daily travel charge problem, a lot of new energy automobile owners “trouble”.In order to meet the charging demand of electric vehicles in Huoshan County, The Development and Reform Commission of Huoshan County, together with the State Grid Power Supply Company of Huoshan County, State Grid Anhui Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. and other units, has prepared the Layout Planning of Public Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles in Huoshan County (2021-2025).The layout of public charging facilities in major transportation hubs, commercial complexes, social and public parking lots, gas stations in key areas, and key towns will be completed. The charging service radius in core county areas will not exceed 2.5 kilometers, and charging facilities in towns and towns will basically cover all areas.The p.i source road charging is completed, is ordered to promote the county public charging facilities layout planning of the first step, during 14 or 15, priorities of huoshan county in anhui electric automobile service co., LTD., is expected to invest 40 million yuan of above, enhance the capacity of public charging infrastructure pratt &whitney service base, promoting the development of the electric car to the countryside.Information source: State Grid Huoshan County Power Supply Company (Zhang Guobao, Jiang Shanshan)