Parker: Bobbafet had the vision of Wanda in it, and DC needed a change of perspective

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Bobbafet has become a hit series in Hollywood, with Hollywood film critic Ryan Parker commenting on the series: “Bobbafet has elements of The Vision of Wanda in it, and while the content of the two series is not related, they are very similar in terms of the creative approach and the audience response.”If Bobbafet can match the viewership of The Vision, the Marvel team can resurrect the Star Wars feature film with this series, or they’ll have to wait for Obi-Wan.As Theaters in Hollywood open up, audiences seem to get used to streaming platforms, and Parker acknowledges the fact that marvel studios are far more efficient and productive than DC Studios, Warner has a lot to learn from Disney when it comes to superheroes.Parker has advice for DC Studios: “DC needs a different perspective. They have a flat creative perspective.”In the past two years, DC has produced a number of excellent universe movies. Task Force X’s ratings and reputation are no less than those of Marvel or Dark Horse Studios, and the new Batman and Black Adam are popular before they are released. Why does Parker think that DC Studios is still unable to compete with the MCU team?Because DC works have a singular perspective, that’s one of the main reasons Parker wanted the studio to change its perspective.Some would argue that Warner’s major films at this stage have yet to be released, and that perhaps aquaman 2 and Shazam 2 will have a different creative perspective.However, judging by the trailers or previews of these series, it’s easy to recognize that this is DC’s legacy, and it’s clear that the studio needs a new Angle to create and shoot, and the critics are right to suggest that.Marvel’s influence has extended into the convention genre, with the Mandalorian and Bobbafet having a particularly strong MCU flavor, something that Star Wars spin-offs (or single-player episodes and prequels) have in common.Parker thinks, “boba fett” in the Disney channel broadcast effect, with the “wanda op” release, the two series of professional evaluation is not high, the wanda op once also known as sitcom, many in Hollywood on the BBS, everybody poking fun at these series voice than the voice of praise,But after all the teasing, you still have to watch the next few episodes, which is the shadow of the Wanda Vision.That’s why bobbafet’s main creative team came from marvel studios.Parker also addressed the issue of the possibility of a Star Wars reboot, given that Bobbafet has echoes of other Marvel franchises and is moving further and further away from Star Wars.Since Disney to take over the creation of the series, they would want to develop a prequel and sequel, many critics found sci-fi movies feature would have lost the potential, including the “obi-wan” and is expected to “bounty hunters” is according to the demand of the market, rather than to revive the traditional consciousness of the Star Wars piece.Disney, after all, is a film company that moves with The Times, which distinguishes them from Warner and Paramount.I also need to point out that, in particular, old-line studios like Paramount are always trying to rest on their laurels and fail without the instinct to innovate.The Vision doesn’t seem to have a great reputation, and while the series started marvel’s fourth phase for a particular reason, it’s a major shift in the MCU for its time.So, According to Parker, Bobbafet contains elements of The Wanda Vision.If the Marvel team is so quick on the transformation, DC will have to follow suit, or else the studio will be out of business, a common Hollywood sense of competition in the streaming age.The point Parker made was that DC needed a change of perspective.Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if a film has a dull perspective. It depends on the pace at which the film is developing.In the big screen era more than a decade ago, DC superhero series were created from a relatively uniform perspective, which was more impressive and established the brand’s style.Because Marvel had previously planned captain America from the same singular point of view, the studio is now shifting its focus because of the need for diversity in the streaming era, and the fact that equality and diversity are a trend in Hollywood and internationally.Parker also said that the new Batman won’t bring many surprises, that Pattinson’s popularity will only become a point of discussion, and that DC needs to change its perspective to stand out in the age of online platforms.With new projects like Batman v Superman and Batgirl, there’s still a single point of view.