Metaverse social is hot!The company raised $15 million and had no code tools to build 3D interactive content

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With the wind of the meta-universe, the social upsurge of the meta-universe is rolling in, is it a false fire or the future of social?Metacosmic social platform BUD has raised $15 million in funding, according to 36Kr.Global meta-cosmic social platform BUD Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “BUD”) announced the completion of $15 million (about 95.31 million Yuan) round of A+ financing, this round of financing led by Qiming Venture Capital, the old shareholders source Capital, GGV GGV Capital, Cloud nine Capital exceeded the following investment.Mu Mian Capital as the exclusive financial adviser of this round.The funds will be used mainly for overseas business research and development and growth.BUD was founded in 2019 by a team of silicon Valley social networking companies including Snapchat and Facebook. The company currently has nearly 100 employees and is expected to expand to 200 employees by 2022.BUD is positioned as a meta-universe UGC social platform, targeting Gen Z worldwide and emerging as the new social platform of choice for Gen Z. Users can create personalized 3D interactive content on BUD using easy-to-use, code-free tools.Learned, acclaimed BUD of 3 d map function, not only has high degree of freedom, users can also create your own 3 d scene space, such as e-sports graffiti city, amusement park, parkour paradise, and so on, and provides the user with abundant shape and color of the material selection, the user can choose basis after the scene material for scenario construction, set up the space structure,Adjust the flare, weather, add items, add animation, music, footstep effects.According to App Annie, BUD iOS will be available overseas on November 5, 2021, and Google Play on October 30, 2021.The last version update for BUD was January 31, 2022, featuring Bug fixes and performance improvements.”BUD’s underlying technology is cross-platform, and BUD’s possibilities as an UGC medium are limitless,” co-founder Risa said in an interview with 36KR.We are looking forward to more mature in technology, the game, the AI, virtual people, NPC, use BUD platforms, because our idea is to hope that through technological innovation and product design, let all the people, let every BUD user can have an opportunity to create a fantasy 3 d scenes, and decrease the user build yuan the threshold of the universe.”With the wind of the universe, the social concept of the universe is hot recently, many companies and capital gathered in this track, and a number of companies have won a huge amount of financing.In December 2021,Myty, a meta-cosmic social platform created by Off, was completed by Hashed, Collab+Currency, Bitkraft Ventures, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures and SamsungNextIn a $3.5 million seed round.In the same month, Zepeto, a metauniverse virtual social platform owned by South Korea’s Naver Z, announced a $189 million Series B round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2.Mirae Asset, a South Korean financial firm, and brokers JYP, HYBE and YG Entertainment followed.Zepeto will be valued at more than $1 billion upon completion of the financing.Naver Z said the investments would be used to expand its global services and talent acquisition.In late December, VR metauniverse social platform Rec Room announced that it had raised $145 million at a valuation of $3.5 billion.The round was led by Tiger fund Coatue and included sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and Madrona Venture Group.In March 2021, Rec Room closed a $100 million investment round led by Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures.The popularity of the metasurtical social concept has not only attracted a number of startups to the circuit, but also some of the largest companies that have already gone public.Listed Company Tianxiu once released a 3D virtual social product named “Honnverse”, which can build virtual identity, virtual image, virtual props and virtual social interaction for users, and unite with social celebrities around the world to create an immersive, panentertainment virtual life community for users.Big factories with a keen sense of smell also gathered in this track.Baidu launched “Xirang”, a social product of the universe, and NetEase has “Yaotai”, an online virtual activity platform.According to Planet Tech, Bytedance is testing a meta-cosmic social APP called “PI Island,” which appears to be bytedance’s first meta-cosmic social product.On March 10, 2021, Roblox went public on the New York Stock Exchange, valued at more than $45 billion on its first day of trading.This has completely opened up the imagination of the metaverse industry.Of the many application scenarios in the metasverse, social interaction is undoubtedly one of the most attractive.Compared with the traditional social platform, the meta-universe social platform has added virtual images and online space. Users can create a fashionable virtual 3D image for themselves by pinching their faces and designing clothes, or build a space of their own with brick by brick.But while there are plenty of products on the market that are labeled meta-cosmic social, many don’t put much thought into their design.There are eight key characteristics that Roblox defines as the metasomes: identity, sociability, immersive experiences, low-latency communication, diversity, location, economic systems, and civilization.At the moment, many meta-cosmic social platforms only involve a few of the eight key elements.Bao Ran, head of the digital Culture working group of the Interactive Media Standards Promotion Committee of China Communications Standardization Association, said in an interview with Securities Daily that the immersive experience of VR and other devices is not mature due to the limitations of the hardware terminal conditions, so the metasurnal social interaction has not yet reached its power stage.Only time will tell whether metacosmic socializing is an empty flame or a future.