Jingdong Industrial Products co., Ltd. and XUGong E-commerce Co., Ltd. jointly promote the digitization of large construction machinery channels

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This year, improving the resilience of the industrial supply chain has attracted much attention.In the “ministerial channel”, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stressed to break through the blocking points of the industrial chain and supply chain, and maintain the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.As a major industrial and manufacturing province, Jiangsu has also placed an important position on enhancing the resilience of supply chains.Recently, in order to give full play to the important role of industrial e-commerce in industrial chain coordination, Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology held jiangsu Electromechanical products supply and demand Matchmaking meeting in Xuzhou.At the meeting, leaders from the Equipment Industry Division of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Promotion of the integration of the two chemical industries, leaders from the industry and information Technology Bureau of each district and city, leaders from the relevant departments of Xuzhou, representatives of the provincial e-commerce and electromechanical product manufacturers made suggestions and suggestions for promoting the supply and demand docking of electromechanical products in Jiangsu Province through online participation.As a leading enterprise in jiangsu machinery manufacturing industry, XUGong E-commerce, its supply chain management company, signed a cooperation agreement with JINGdong Industrial products on site.According to the agreement, JINGdong Industrial products will serve as the channel digital partner of XUGong e-commerce to expand multi-dimensional sales channels of large machinery and equipment.Meanwhile, jingdong Industrial products’ supply chain and technical service capabilities accumulated in industrial product procurement will also be integrated into the online mall of XUGong e-commerce platform to jointly provide digital procurement services for more than 1,000 partners of XUGong mechanical and electrical products.In recent years, with the accelerated integration of real economy and digital economy, digital transformation has become the consensus and development trend of industrial manufacturing brands.However, in the field of large equipment such as construction machinery, the process is relatively slow.The relevant person in charge of XUGong e-commerce said that compared with ordinary industrial products such as hardware and labor insurance, large mechanical equipment has many models and complicated parameters, and also involves a large number of spare parts, resulting in great difficulty in establishing digital products.At the same time, construction machinery equipment “heavy service”, not only difficult to transport, in the early selection and after-sales service also need expert guidance and training.These factors have brought many challenges to the channel digitization of construction machinery.In the cooperation between JINGdong Industrial products and XUGong, both parties focus on overcoming these obstacles by integrating the technical capabilities of JINGdong Industrial Products and the service capabilities of XUGong.Relying on the Mercator standard commodity database created by JINGdong Industrial Products, it effectively solves the problems of inconsistent product information and parameters and incomplete attributes of the existing industry system, and establishes digital standard professional categories and corresponding specifications and parameters for all kinds of machinery and equipment and a full set of spare parts of XUGong.Xugong’s excavator, loader, grader, truck crane, large tonnage roller and other products and spare parts have been successfully launched in JINGdong Industrial Products flagship store.On the server, xugong accumulated channels, logistics service system will work with jingdong industrial products of intelligent decision-making system of supply chain, “Beijing workers help” service system closely, before selling selection, regional sales representatives of xugong, technical engineers, product managers and workers to help “Beijing” local services experts, across the country to provide consulting services on site.Delivery at the performance of link, jingdong industrial intelligent decision-making system of supply chain collaborative xugong and territorial service spot inventory, to warehouse with resources unified scheduling, and depends on the professional logistics system xugong with flat car, car “” delivery to the factory directly, hand in hand to bring enterprise customers online integrated professional services experience.On the basis of channel digitization, JINGdong Industrial products will also assist XUGong e-commerce to better play the value of “chain master”, build a communication bridge for buyers and suppliers in the electromechanical industry chain of Jiangsu Province, and promote the reform of equipment manufacturing ecosystem.”Chain leading” enterprises refer to those enterprises that can make full use of external resources and give play to their comparative advantages in the process of industrial development and gradually acquire the core cohesion of upstream, middle and downstream of an industry.Xugong, as a leading construction machinery enterprise ranked no. 1 in the domestic industry and No. 3 in the global industry, plays the role of “chain master” in the electromechanical industry chain of Jiangsu Province.Jingdong Industrial products will focus on its supply chain advantages, promote the digital information of tens of thousands of commodities to open up with XUGong e-commerce, expand the scope of commodity pool of XUGong e-commerce, and complement the service capacity of Xugong e-commerce through smart mobile warehouse, Jingong cabinet, enterprise distribution center and other new-generation infrastructure in the performance and delivery process.Wang Wei, general manager of purchasing, Marketing and Technology Department of JINGdong Industrial Products, said, “Under the modern supply chain system, industrial enterprises are no longer simply ‘buy’ or ‘sell’, but form an interdependent and deeply coupled network symbiosis.By cooperating with more industry ‘chain master’ enterprises like XUGong e-commerce, JD Industrial also hopes to better play its advantages in supply chain and technical services, promote seamless links between all links of the industry chain, and achieve efficient allocation of production factors.”