Wang yuan appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival gala seven times, with three sets of different styles and fashion TOP1

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Happy festival party event, all dressed up to show temperament.Wang Yuan, who has been a familiar face for the Spring Festival Gala for seven years, also gave us a pleasing look this year.Wang Yuan in the program “True Love dance” performance modeling from saint Laurent, retro modern, strong and stylish.The red jacket, with its distinctive focus and gradient color, is visually fluid and festive, bringing out Wang’s youthful energy.Suede material with a sense of retro, at the same time appears elegant atmosphere, with black distinct levels, suitable for the Spring Festival Gala such a traditional and formal occasion.Wang Yuan is young and handsome, delicate features, retro style and charm.For the slender and straight figure of him, the low-key black has become a silent superiority on him, and the red “collision” is not inferior but modest.Such a detailed and slightly appropriate collocation if you want to wear color, ten people.Obviously, Wang Yuan is the one with the power of fashion presentation.Wang Yuan of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala second set of modelling, a full set from Alexander McQueen.Pink suit relaxed and romantic, bright and handsome, wang Yuan is also enough to attract eyeball when he sits in the audience.Wang Yuan shoulders wide waist slender legs long, natural clothes shelf, suit to wear a suit.Soon after the gala began, there was a heated discussion on the topic.It turned out that Wang yuan’s shoulder covered the back of the chair, making it appear that she was sharing a chair with a guest next to her.This Pacific wide shoulders, tens of thousands of people envy, tens of thousands of people want to rely on the body is really good wow ~ “Spring Festival Gala countdown”, Wang Yuan’s clothes are very interesting.Lace collar shirt cover jean jacket, make public the personality of the gentleman, more unique.It is said that Wang Yuan has the audience edge, especially to win the favor of the elders, the first is the spirit of gas, spirit is positive.On the basis of superior appearance conditions, the choice of clothing and control ability is very important.In this piece, Wang Yuan can be said to hold dead.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, wang Yuan has a handsome vitality.Small dumplings must be with Wang Yuan tiger year, tiger tiger wind, happy!Author: empty color picture: Web editor: warm