There is a reservoir in China that was built very early with different scenery in four seasons

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There is a reservoir in China that was built very early with different scenery in four seasons.After the intersection of fuqian Road, after Wanda Plaza, Huairou No.1 middle school and Huairou Gymnasium, to the reservoir, the left side of the road is a hill called Longshan, go to Longshan to see the scenery of the reservoir.Standing on the dragon mountain pavilion, can see the scenery in front of huairou reservoir, the locals called before the reservoir area, soon to 39, the surface is not completely frozen, still floating blue waves, last winter, reservoir completely frozen, still can skate, and now is the water source protected area in Beijing, so surrounded by network, the warehouse is acerola cross the mountains around,In spring and summer, the mountains were green and lush, and in autumn, the trees dyed and the mountains turned red.Huairou reservoir’s current total warehouse capacity of 140 million cubic meters, the main dam, dam, flood, water tunnel, into the water the way, water gate, such as engineering, here is the main reservoir, longshan east, west to the phoenix mountain, reservoir is 1038 meters long, the main reservoir of west to east longshan feet set up east spillway, completed in 1958,Rebuilt in 1964, installed two 7.4 meters X4, 3 meters arc steel shutter, yan Top 58 meters high, we looked at the far ground, there was a morning market, selling agricultural products and aquatic products, and further downstream, there are a lot of water birds, a few days ago and a few black sky and geese broke their shells to swim to the surface of the water.The West Spillway was built in 1964 at the western end of the main reservoir.Construction of huairou Dam began on March 9, 1958, and the dam was completed on July 19, 1958, only 130 days later.Construction workers have huairou, Shunyi, Tongxian, Sanhe, Xianghe, big factory, Daxing, Yin ‘an, Jixian, Pinggu, Miyun and other 12 counties of 3,477 agricultural companies 63,273 people, in addition, to participate in the project workers have 455 people, the People’s Liberation Army commanders and fighters have 5,000 people, 1,181 students.March 9, in the reservoir east overflow waterway outside held a groundbreaking ceremony, the project in the form of private public assistance, tens of thousands of migrant workers, 40,800 carts, sedan car 25,400, all migrant workers more than 100 days do not change shifts, boarded the reservoir of earth and stone materials, rely on rickshaw, carriage day and night struggle to complete,Roller tool 1 1.75 tons of 66 sets of machine, roller machine, only 200 bowls and a few tractors, bulldozers, playing stone, two deputy dam caused by a lack of labor force, be extended to late projects, into the water gate, water tunnel on July 7 and July 15 completed, reservoir built on July 20, 1958, opening ceremony,Vice Premier Bo Yibo of The State Council attended the meeting, adding color to the inauguration ceremony. On June 26, 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai inspected the site, went deep into the labor force to comfort the migrant workers, and wrote the four characters “Huairou Reservoir” in his own handwriting.The construction project completed about 2 million cubic meters of earth, stone, concrete and other projects, the total employment of about 6 million days, the actual investment of about 4.8 million yuan, the project, there are many moving stories.Huairou reservoir is one of the main water conservancy project in Beijing suburbs outside, in addition to normal flood control, water storage, and other functions, is also the important water sources and to regulate land in Beijing, by Beijing dense water diversion road in Beijing is also a node of the south-north water diversion project, huairou dam has now been strictly protected, surrounded by bars, dam unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is forbidden, guards patrol inspection,Large letters reading “Swimming and other water activities prohibited in drinking water sources” were displayed.Following the reservoir and around the corner of the hill, you can see another part of the reservoir, known as the back reservoir.After the reservoir scenery is also particularly beautiful, a dam extends to the north end of the Guojia Dock water pump station, from the reservoir can enjoy the scenery of huairou reservoir, blue is water, white is ice, the lake is the color of the mountain, the lake is clear, the water like a mirror, the surrounding mountains reflected in the water, particularly clear.Because it is close to the city, the air is good and the scenery is beautiful, it is a good place for people to take a walk and relax. In the past, people could go skating in the reservoir, but now they can only visit the reservoir for protection, and they can also see the lights in the night of rest days.Guojiawu pump station is the seventh lifting pump station for the water from the south-to-North Water Diversion project to be transferred from Miyun Dam to Miyun Dam level pump station. The elbow inlet channel and siphon outlet channel are adopted, and the outlet channel is cut off by vacuum break valve.After the construction of Miyun Reservoir in 1960, Huairou Reservoir became a large regulating reservoir for miyun reservoir to supply water to Beijing. In 1984, on the west side of the west spillway of Huairou Reservoir, nine water source plants were built in Beijing, supplying 360 million cubic meters of water to the capital every year, and Huairou reservoir became one of the water resources bases of the capital.