Ukraine is indeed a disaster, Russia changed the way of fighting, NATO military aid into scrap goods

2022-06-19 0 By

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Zelensky believed in the NATO peak promise, and believed that the turning point and turning point of the war has come, publicly torn up the fifth round of negotiations agreement reached in Turkey, and made wild remarks, want to join NATO again.At the same time, Russia is carrying out a new round of troop movements, the decisive moment of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is approaching.The Russian side of the battlefield design, at this time also with Ukraine’s changes and changes, is the so-called tao gao a foot, devil gao zhang, a new round of battlefield battles formally staged.NATO decided to provide more than 900 T-72, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. With the arrival of these equipment, the battlefield situation between Russia and Ukraine will bring earth-changing changes. The strength contrast between the two sides is further narrowing, and Ukraine seems to see the dawn of victory.Mr Zelensky was happy for a few days to be able to fight a war with Russia, as NATO troops began to arrive, with a fury that had been on his mind for more than a month.But they never dreamed that the Russian army launched a series of air strikes, blowing up a number of fuel depots in lviv, Vinnitsa, Rajhov, Kazakin, Nikolayev, Dnipropetrovsk and other regions, the blast is clean, not even a bottle of oil left for Ukraine.The Ukrainian army was at a loss. Although they were about to acquire a large number of tanks, they did not work well without fuel.Tanks have no fuel and lie down collectively. What’s the difference between them and scrap metal?At present, the Ukrainian army is like ants on hot pot, uneasy and restless.Don’t worry. We know Russian missiles have eyes. They can see where your fuel stocks are, and they can also see NATO supplies and vehicles.Pictures released by the Russian military showed a Russian missile strike at a railway station, where armoured vehicles were reduced to bits and scattered parts.From here we can see that Russia is determined to turn all NATO’s military assistance to waste materials, if this is the end, NATO is there to provide more the reason of waste materials in Ukraine, who, after all, money is money, can’t I send to you, you don’t have a warm, let others to rob, or to burn.After a war or two, NATO is expected to reassess its approach to military aid to Ukraine.A familiar voice rang in my ear: “High price recycling, TV, washing machine, laptop…….”