Guard the door of the country

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Gansu has a faith called loyalty, there is a kind of dedication called adherence.When the Spring Festival comes, when most people set foot on the way home, there is such a group of people, in order to protect the security and stability of the area, they have to give up the reunion with relatives and friends, day and night, regardless of heat and cold to stick to the job, with a not round for ten thousand peace, they are the people’s police.Gansu Entry-exit Border Inspection Terminus Jiuquan Border Management Detachment Mingshui Border Police Station, stationed in the only border control town in Gansu Province – Mazongshan town.Today, xiaobian will take you into The only border management area in Gansu Province, Ma Manong Mountain, to feel the mingshui Border police station all the police officers of a different Kind of Spring Festival.Laid patrol to open the map of China, along the domain to the northwest gansu province check carefully, you will find that a short border guards between China and Mongolia, although the border was only 65.018 kilometers, but the line within the district along the border area reached 2.6 square kilometers, which, MingShui border police station area is 1.13 square kilometers,Guarding the security and stability of the border management area of tens of thousands of square kilometers is the duty and mission of all the policemen of Mingshui Border Police Station.On the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the security and stability of border areas during the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival, the mingshui Border police station began to pack up early in the morning and prepare to embark on the familiar patrol road again.”Have you checked the car?Did you fill up the car with gas?Did you bring enough food and drink?Clothes are not thick……”On the eve of departure, jin Yongqiang, deputy director of mingshui Border Police Station, the leader of the patrol team, put forward many questions in succession. After receiving positive answers, the group set out from the camp and headed for the patrol area at 8:00 in the morning just after dawn.”The border is short, but it takes more than eight hours to conduct a border patrol, traveling hundreds of kilometers back and forth, almost all of which is in no man’s land,” Kim said on the bus. “We must make full preparations before each patrol.”Cars in the vast gobi desert galloped after more than three hours, cruise and finally came to the last leg of the patrol police, number of montmorillonite so-and-so boundary tablets, boundary monument stands on the hill, the patrol team then get off on ways to continue to the end, the rugged mountain, gravel spread all over, together with high altitude, cold wind constantly, is great for patrol police strength and will to test.The closer you get to the top of the mountain, the more dangerous the road and the stronger the wind.”The steps are very steep and there are a lot of gravel, everyone must pay attention to safety……Tell them if you feel unwell.”Patrol experienced police Luo Rupeng in advance at the same time also do not forget to comrades around the safety tips.Nearly an hour on foot, the patrol police finally came to the border, police Wei Ga said: “The Spring Festival is not only fireworks wine, more home border, when see the red seal carved with the word ‘China’ border, all tired are gone, leaving, only very proud!”All the way snow unimpeded, the whole stop-and-go, when in the boundary monument under the five-star red flag of that moment, everyone under the flag solemnly shouted: “I have in the border, the motherland, please rest assured!Mingshui border police station all the police wish the people of the whole country a happy New Year!”Heaven and earth silent, only sonorous blessing reverberated in the border of the motherland.The Spring Festival is coming. In order to create a strong festive atmosphere and make the whole police feel the warmth of the big family, Wang Weiwei, director of the Mingshui Border police Station, and Yang Weilin, instructor, have been preparing for the Spring Festival early, and the original quiet police camp has gradually become lively.”New Year new atmosphere, the annual New Year activities, from the camp cleaning began.”Wang weiwei said.Under the leadership of the director and the instructor, the whole police work together to clean the camp thoroughly, and the whole camp takes on a new look.After cleaning, everyone with a happy mood to hang lanterns, paste couplets, hanging flower, busy, everywhere filled with peace, joy, festive Atmosphere of the New Year.Because mingshui border police station is far away from the city, the daily supplies are uniformly supplied by jiuquan Border management Detachment. The supply vehicles come every 10 days or so.In order to make everyone eat well during the Spring Festival, the canteen staff took action early. They fried meatballs, twisted twist and sanzi, and prepared tangyuan, New Year cake and other food materials. Everything was prepared according to the tradition of Spring Festival.Wen Hujun, a policeman transferred from Xizang last year, said:”New Year’s day, although can’t go home, do not feel lonely, unit not only remaining staff prepared a big dinner for us, but also organize our conduct table tennis, billiards, tug-of-war, rich and colorful style entertainment activities such as I will be more efforts to do a good job, ability to continuously improve quality, contributing to the border management own strength!””Because perennial stationed in the border area, in the unit holidays, for our police, in fact, has long been the normal, but is the so-called every festival times miss relatives, in such a national celebration of the festival, we should create a thick taste of home for the police, so that the warmth does not close, the taste of the New Year is not discounted.Wang said.”Dad, the Chinese New Year is coming. Why don’t you go home yet?”The little boy who asked the question across the camera of the video call is the 4-year-old son of zhao Ruiyang, a police officer.”My father has been busy recently, but my father has booked a ticket and will return home in a few days.”Zhao Ruiyang replied.”But other children’s father recently all come home, you don’t come home, I ignore you.””Said the child angrily.Hear the son’s words, Zhao Ruiyang a little guilty, but also can only put helpless in the belly, after all, the child is too small, can not really understand the meaning of their work, for a time actually do not know what to say.Across the camera zhao Ruiyang’s lover Su Liang said to his son: “Father is a glorious people’s police, these days busy catching bad people, catching bad people father came back to accompany us.””That dad you pay attention to safety, catch the bad guys go home early.””Said the son.”Okay, dad will come home after catching the bad guys.”After hanging up the video call, Zhao Ruiyang smiled and told us that “catching bad guys” should be a common excuse for many colleagues to coax their children.”I’m an immigration police officer,” zhao ruiyang said proudly when asked if his family had any opinions about not being able to reunite with him during the Spring Festival. “My wife is proud of me.My wife is a glorious people’s teacher, in the three feet platform, silently work to illuminate the long road of learning for students, I am proud of my wife, we understand each other and support each other.As soon as he said this, Zhao ruiyang received a message from his wife: “Everything is all right at home. You guard the lights of the family. I will guard the house for you.Zhao Ruiyang red eyes.Adhering to the original aspiration, dream forward.Mingshui Border police Station is an old advanced collective with many honors and glorious traditions. It was once a banner of Gansu border defense, depositing the youth and dreams of several generations of border guards!Since its establishment in 1973, mingshui Border police Station has come a long way, from frontier soldiers to immigration police. It is because of the selfless dedication of generations of mingshui border police station people that the spirit of Mingshui has been bred in this desolate land.The new generation of immigration management police will not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission, continue to forge ahead in the inheritance and development, with youth and blood constantly build a solid defense line in the northwest of the motherland!