Enter the whole area closed management, citizens stay at home orderly sampling, village residents to ensure life needs

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From 3 a.m. on April 1 to 3 a.m. on April 5, jiading district implemented closed management, all personnel do not leave the house, personnel and vehicles only in.At 8 am, more than 400 medical workers from five hospitals in Zhejiang province arrived in Anting. After a short rally, they were immediately grouped together with local medical workers to their work stations.From 9 a.m., nearly 300 nucleic acid sampling sites in the town began to work.Party members in the vanguard of the front, they posted on the Baymax “war will win” and “anti-epidemic pioneer” signs, encouraging each other.Residents will take nucleic acid samples at designated locations in a specified period of time. The on-site facilities are 2 meters apart. Residents will queue up in an orderly manner under the guidance of volunteers and return home immediately after completing the sampling without staying outside.The community arranged volunteers to regularly collect household garbage, deliver vegetables and medicine to ensure residents’ living needs during the period of “staying indoors”.In areas where closed management is difficult, such as factory areas, street businesses and old streets, industry departments should strengthen management and set up mobile teams to ensure that personnel should be fully inspected.For the elderly, the disabled, the sick and other special groups, home sampling, to ensure that “not a house, not a person”.