Sichuan food restaurant decoration design, what are the styles

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Due to the unique taste of Sichuan cuisine, it has gained a large number of consumers with its fresh and spicy taste, and the target consumer group covers people of all ages.With the increasing popularity of Sichuan cuisine, sichuan restaurants in various regions are also opening more and more.So sichuan food restaurant decoration design has what style?
In the process of sichuan cuisine restaurant decoration design, the decoration design style of catering space is particularly important.Because the design quality of catering space will directly affect the mood of customers when eating in the restaurant.In addition, it is recommended not to choose too mottled colors, because such colors tend to lower the restaurant’s level and affect customers’ judgment on the quality and taste of dishes.In the consciousness of many restaurant people, the definition of beautiful Sichuan cuisine restaurant is luxury, which is a big mistake.The quality of catering space design does not depend on how much money is spent, but whether it fits the consumer positioning of catering brand.In addition to the need to pay attention to the decoration style, in the decoration and design of Sichuan food restaurants, we also need to pay attention to the lighting style of catering space.Sichuan style restaurant is mainly spicy style, so in the selection of lighting style, should choose incandescent light source.Incandescent light is cold white and more natural than warm light.Using simple new Chinese style catering design, in the style of space, we are given priority to with simple fashion, and add some modern Chinese lattice flower elements, so that it is in line with the aesthetic taste of modern people, and can show the long history and culture of Sichuan cuisine.If you want to use decorations to promote the spicy taste of Sichuan cuisine, it is recommended to use decorations with Sichuan flavor.If you do not have the experience of matching ornaments, you can choose some decorations that are not easy to store mistakes, such as: Sichuan face wallpaper murals, red curtains and tapings, small red peppers, etc..In the process of sichuan food restaurant decoration design, in addition to the need to pay attention to the space decoration style, lighting style and decorative style, but also need to pay attention to the dining table and chair style.When choosing dining tables and chairs, it is suggested to use sichuan classic wooden seats.When choosing the color of the table and chair, it is recommended to choose a dark red table and chair, or a purple table and chair.