Not civilization travel | new gameplay Don’t ignore the traffic safety

2022-06-18 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the number of people visiting relatives and friends and paying New Year’s dinner is gradually increasing, and traffic safety is still ignored by individual drivers.February 1, New Year’s day, gaocheng district two drivers over the road, not only brought driving risk, more endanger their own and others’ life safety.February 1 at 16:53 xu, Gaocheng traffic police brigade Zhangjiazhuang town squadron on duty in gaocheng north highway on duty, seized a small car over.After checking, the car nuclear load 5 people, real load 6 people, overmanned 1 person.Police made a fine of 200 yuan to driver Guo mou according to law, recorded 6 points of punishment and carried out safety education to it.The same day 17:01 xu, Zhangjiazhuang town squadron on duty patrol to gaocheng north highway found that a car license plate number is “JI A1***W” small car suspected overmanned, police mowed the car stop for inspection.After investigation, the car nuclear load 5 people, real load 6 people, overmanned 1 person, the police to the driver Han mou make a fine of 200 yuan, record 6 points of punishment, and on the spot to the driver and overmanned passengers for education.Gaocheng traffic police seized overmanned road vehicles.Provincial police remind: during the Spring Festival driving on the road, traffic safety do not ignore, must be civilized and law-abiding travel.Do not override, drunk driving, drunk driving, speeding, etc., but also wear seat belts, to strictly abide by the traffic rules, so as not to obey the law and traffic accidents.Wen Yanzhao Evening news media reporter Liu Chenmin figure gaocheng traffic police provide editor Li Bing to the old gram