Dongguan has a Monet style flowers, spring has arrived, waiting for you to paint

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As a Chinese saying goes, “No flowers will come of age”, people in northern China have prepared flowers for the Spring Festival, while in many southern cities, the Spring Festival is a good time to appreciate flowers.With the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of landscape builders has been innovated and broken through repeatedly.Recently, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, has created a unique garden — Xiangyu Hundred Garden. The garden not only uses the international leading gardening techniques, but also uses many new varieties of flowers to compete for their beauty.Garden ornamental grass, perennial root plants, aquatic plants as the main landscaping materials.Large area of ornamental grass as vast as the sea, the wind elegant, let a person’s mind quiet, perennial root plants embellished in the meantime, lively and clever.Peter Oldorf, a famous Dutch plant designer, often uses ornamental grass and perennial root plants to create gardens. This kind of natural landscape can awaken people’s deep desire for nature.Xiangyu Hundred Garden planted nearly a thousand famous plant varieties, whether alone or in combination, have a different style.During the Spring Festival, there are many flowering plants.The flower tobacco has an interesting name and habit.I don’t know if it’s a flower or tobacco.But the trumpet-shaped flowers, unforgettable at a glance, bloom more brightly on cloudy days or at night than on sunny days.Lavender, lavender is an excellent material to create a sea of flowers, the flowers surging in the wind filled with intoxicating aroma, full of romantic atmosphere.Xiangyu Hundred Garden is invested by Guangdong Yixing Aquatic Plant Co., LTD., and operated by Guangdong Xiangyu Hundred Garden Operation management Co., LTD.The company has rich plant resources and landscaping experience.To build this garden is to set up the company.As a result, it is not only a place for landscape viewing, but also a showcase for new plants and applications, “to explore a new model for selling flowers,” says Xiao Baihua, the company’s president.Xiangyu Hundred Garden is located along the Eighth Road in Dongguan city.In the future, tulip garden, Rose garden, hydrangea garden will enter the landscape ornamental period.Create distinctive landscape of the four seasons.And the flowers and trees library, bird tower, flowers and plants market and other cultural activities places, will also let people in the sea of flowers for leisure, entertainment, to relax.Xiangyu Hundred Garden will be opened on the first day of the lunar New Year, when dongguan citizens will be a good place to view flowers.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to “China Flowers News”, shall not be reproduced without permission, tampering, violators will be held responsible.If you need to reprint, please contact this number in advance.