Tell well the meta-narrative methodology of Chinese stories

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Today, human society begins to enter the “gate of dimension”, which is the critical moment of human civilization system reset. Whoever can stand on the position of meta-narrative and obtain the right of systematic discourse reset can become the leader of human beings in the new “ecological niche”.Lyotard, a French philosopher, holds that there are some dominant grand narratives in any era, namely, meta-narratives, which are the overall narration of general things and the dominant narration with legalization function.The basic characteristics of an era are composed of grand narratives. After the failure of the universally applicable grand narratives, the non-dominant “small narratives” will give new meanings to human beings.In the face of the meta-narrative crisis of western liberal democracy, the concept of whole-process people’s democracy and a community with a shared future for mankind put forward by China is the wisdom of the anthropocene.The practical process of telling Chinese stories well is not only the deconstruction and reconstruction of western meta-narrative, but also the legalization of Chinese discourse system.Meta-narration can lay a foundation for the discourse system of Chinese stories, provide a methodological guide for telling Chinese stories well.We should around the myth – archetype – metaphor – values of the four dimensions, legalization and to legalize yuan narrative game, adhere to establish an overall historical narrative framework, establish the China story of international spread “dao” and “art”, which is to promote China’s international voice and cultural soft power theory starting point and the foothold in practice.Myth is the beginning of human civilization, the initial cultural symbol created by primitive people, and the oldest childhood memory of human beings, playing a primary role in human cultural creation.Myth is the basic element of national character and a set of mysterious narrative about the country and the nation, which profoundly affects how the “national community” is imagined, accepted and identified.The significance of myth to a country and a nation lies in finding a deeper and firmer basis of legitimacy for the country.Chinese mythology is the historical origin and cultural source of Chinese stories and the concentrated embodiment of the cultural spirit of the Chinese nation that transcends time and space.To tell Chinese fairy tales well, on the one hand, it is necessary to trace the ideological power and spiritual power behind the stories through innovative adaptation and multiple narration of ancient fairy tales, so as to obtain a kind of overall historical narrative legitimacy.For example, pangu opened the world, Nu Wa patching the sky, Shennong tasted 100 grass, Kuafu chasing the sun, Jingwei filling the sea, Yugong moving mountains and other stories, need to return to the original open new, keeping pace with The Times innovative narrative.On the other hand, we should focus on the historical miracle created by modern and contemporary China to create myths in the new era and spread them internationally, dig Wells and springs from modern myths, and obtain the legitimacy of cultural origin.For example, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people in building the miracle of a new China, from the realization of the four modernizations to the miracle of the five modernizations, from the great vision of “one country, two systems” to the belt and Road Initiative, from targeted poverty alleviation to the great victory of the national fight against COVID-19, from China’s dream of a community with a shared future for mankind…All these are modern myths created by modern China as an independent nation-state in the process of safeguarding sovereignty and realizing modernization.These modern myths are not only the gravitational engine of the Chinese national spirit, but also the interest and concern of people from all over the world who want to know more about Chinese society.Therefore, to tell Chinese mythology well, it is necessary to release new cultural energy from multiple narrative angles, such as ancient and modern and figurative and abstract, and give birth to integrated cultural images. It is also necessary to find out the differences between Chinese and Western cultural roots from the perspective of comparative civilization, so as to lay a foundation for the legitimacy of Chinese cultural roots.Through an in-depth study of the myths and rituals of many nations, The British anthropologist Fraser pointed out that the rituals in the initial stage of human thought were the archetypes.Prototype is a kind of collective unconscious content fundamentally. Once it appears in real life, it will trigger the “racial memory” or “original image” remaining in the human spirit, generating inexplicable familiarity and emotional resonance, thus possessing the power to transform the decadent into a magical one.In the practice of the speak good Chinese story, if can fully understand and correct use of the “prototype” humanity’s common cultural genes, can the accidental is inevitable, for the individual, make the audience feel, not listening to the individual stories, but in the study of human collective experience, and trigger individual unconscious and collective unconscious of the profound resonance.According to the brand prototype theory, different countries have different brand prototype images.The brand prototype tonality of each country determines the legitimacy of its international image. This process does not happen naturally, but requires a clear national meta-narrative strategy.If Chinese stories skillfully implant the image prototype of “caregiver China” in various literary and artistic works and cultural products, and adopt depoliticized cultural creativity and marketing means, they will surely get twice the result with half the effort.For example, the Wandering Earth, a science fiction story series based on the guardian of human civilization, carefully constructs the IP story world of “Caregiver China”, continuously transmits the “warm power” of Chinese culture to the world, and continuously strengthens the legitimacy foundation of China’s national image.Metaphor meta-narration: Enhance the transmissibility of Chinese story discourse Metaphor is ubiquitous in our language symbols, daily life, thought and behavior.Metaphor is not only a rhetorical tool, but also a linguistic phenomenon, a way of thinking, an important cognitive weapon for human beings, and an effective way to enhance the transmissibility of Chinese stories.Through the rhetoric of metaphor, it can enhance the persuasveness of Chinese narration and give the audience aesthetic enjoyment.For example, “Lucidwaters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” deeply illustrates the relationship between ecological and environmental protection and productive forces.The metaphor of “pomegranate seed” emphasizes that 56 Chinese nations should embrace each other closely and forge a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation.For a country, metaphorical meta-narrative can make people use familiar concepts to construct less familiar concepts, concretize and visualize abstract political thoughts, and make language expression easier to understand.Through the thinking of metaphor, the imagination of Chinese stories can be enhanced and the listener can imagine.For example, “ship” is used as a metaphor for “country”, “sea” is used as a metaphor for “market”, and “embroidery needle” is used as a metaphor for the skills, knowledge and even secrets governing the country.Metaphor is the invisible way of thinking in a story. This kind of “imaginary” metaphor is transferable, which makes the listener feel as if he is traveling in the world of the story. It is not easy to cause resistance, and it is easy to achieve the communication effect of “wanting to distinguish and forgetting to say”.Through the ideological nature of metaphor, the recognition of China’s image can be changed.Metaphor can show national ideology at different levels and from different angles according to different political needs, innovate and reorganize the reality conceptually, so as to serve the great needs of international communication.For example, there are “Dragon”, “Lion Awakening”, “panda”, “Confucian Utopia”, “Red Utopia”, etc. These different metaphors are the results of different ideologies constructed in different countries and situations, which greatly affect the cognition of China’s national image.Use yuan of narrative, metaphor can help build real world story and connection of the world, let the reader “immersion”, produced from the real world into the story of the world are “involved in” feeling, from the story of the world to return to the real world of “beyond”, to leave the “now” and stare at the effect of “now”, to create the ideal in the gaze of the “future”.Values meta-narrative: Enhancing the sharing of Chinese story discourse values can be divided into three types: individual values, common values and shared values.Personal values refer to the deep-seated belief system in everyone’s heart, which plays a role in stimulating emotion, evaluating standard and guiding behavior in people’s life.Common values refer to the values recognized by each member of the collective organization. They guide the complex communication between the collective organization and individual members and have charisma and cohesion.Shared values refer to the common values accepted or pursued by people in two or more cultures and countries.Values are the core of stories, and stories are the carriers of values.Stories and values are the summary of human life experience. People tell stories to express certain values in essence.In the story, people’s happiness and pain, hope and disappointment, happiness and misfortune, etc., are all telling a certain position, attitude and value orientation.A good Chinese story must convey the universal values of truth, goodness and beauty, and integrate the family values at the individual level, the collective values at the organization level, the values at the national level and the global common values at the human society level into the life-oriented and popular narrative language of the international community.To tell the story of Chinese values well, we need to have the courage, willingness and wisdom to enter the meaning world of others.The process of entering another value world may be very strange and difficult, but once entering it may bring real liberation. The “Chinese story flow”, which is easy to form intertextual dialogue and full of emotional energy, may bring the end and rebirth of meta-narrative.In the past, the United States cultivated its image as a perfect liberal democracy.From the beginning of the founding of the United States, the United States has used myths, archetypes, metaphors, values and other basic storytelling methods to construct the great American image of eternal truth.In particular, with superheroes as archetypes and American policemen and American eagles as national metaphors, they spare no effort to promote the American Dream to the world. This is the top-level design of the National image strategy of the United States, and the creation and external communication of any cultural and artistic works are carried out under this meta-narrative framework.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the US has spared no effort to unite with other countries to stigmatize And impose sanctions on China, so as to achieve the strategic goal of shifting the domestic crisis and containing China’s development.Therefore, we should learn to build a meta-narrative strategy method to tell Chinese stories well by centering on the four dimensions of “mythology-archetypal-metaphor-values”, and form a meta-narrative persuasion mechanism from the dimensions of time, space, material and spirit.We should formulate a meta-narrative communication strategy based on the “helper prototype and China’s warm power”, so as to distinguish it from the “ruler prototype and the United States hegemonic power”.We need to be deeply rooted in the cultural soil of the Chinese nation, find the mythological motifs from Chinese practices, dig out the archetypal codes of these motifs, use metaphorical narrative techniques and modes of thinking, promote China’s love of helping others and collaborating with other countries, and tell good Chinese stories with common values of all mankind.We want to put the rising yuan narrative method for Chinese diplomatic community, news media, cultural art, humanities SheKeJie collective consciousness, through the output which has the function of yuan narrative theory of Chinese words, Chinese, Chinese literature, Chinese culture products, such as continuous casting on the legitimacy of Chinese knowledge base, solving state in the field of public opinion in the problems of “difference”,We should constantly resolve the meta-narrative crisis of China’s image and constantly shape and enhance China’s “warm power”.(This article is the research result of the National Social Science Foundation project of “The Meta-Narrative Communication Strategy of Telling Chinese Stories Well” (16BXW046)