Pay attention to the tides when visiting the beach!A family of five were rescued after more than half an hour

2022-06-16 0 By

Qingdao Daily/View the sea news February 5 – this afternoon, view the sea news reporter learned from Qingdao Coast police Bureau Laoshan workstation, February 4 at 6:00 p.m., the station received police said that there is a family of five people trapped on the rocks near the Beach, Marine police rescue.After receiving the alarm, Laoshan workstation quickly dispatched rescue workers with lifesaving equipment to the accident area for rescue. After more than half an hour of joint rescue with fire control, public security and other departments, the trapped family of five was finally rescued to shore successfully.After receiving the police arrived at the scene, rescue workers found trapped in a family of five in the stone old man “net red” reef, because it is late, the temperature plummeted, at the same time the tide rises rapidly, the sea is about to drown the reef, and the trapped people can not swim, children are more excited, the situation is very critical.According to the situation on the scene, rescue workers quickly made rescue plans, launched rescue deployment, and through phone calls, propaganda and other ways to contact the trapped people, timely easing the tension of the trapped people, until the five people were successfully rescued.After understanding, help tourists for the Spring Festival to qing tourists, attracted to the “net red” reef to take photos, because not familiar with the law of tide, did not pay attention to the sea tide situation caused by trapped.Qingdao Marine Police Bureau reminds us that we must pay attention to the tide change when playing at the seaside, plan the playing route reasonably, do not rush into the sea when the wind is strong and the waves are strong, and try to avoid danger. If in danger, do not panic, you can call 95110 maritime alarm phone for help.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Yi Tao)