Chen Qingling: “Blue Zhan obviously to all the people are cold”, said this wei Ying not guilty

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Guide language: “Chen Qing makes” the wei does not envy in pair of blue forget the automatic maintenance of machine, became instinct habit it seems.The goddess of mercy temple, Sue for irony lost spirit force left blue machine, left blue machine haven’t spits, wei is envy but it has been nuked Sue involved, left blue beside the machine has been enjoying Wei Ying thus, just Wei Ying said 1 “LanZhan clearly for all cold”, left blue machine at Wei Ying subconsciously, what is the content of the eyes?Wei no envy lived two lives, has been criticized by others, before he is naughty young, is not disciplined, specifically dyed black others unruly students.Later, he lost the golden Dan and became the old ancestor of Yiling, and it became the evil way in everyone’s mouth. Therefore, the criticism of Wei Wuxian, whether in previous life or this life, has never been repeated in our ears.Wei Wuxian seemed not to care, so he would say, “It is up to others to win or lose.”Wei Wuxian is a very sober, and is a very self-living person, he does not care about how others say he how to scold him, even in front of his face, all kinds of choreography slander Yiling old zu, he can do face without changing color.However, LAN Zhan was wei Wuxian’s “counterscale”. If anyone said anything bad about LAN Zhan, if Wei Wuxian knew, he would be the first to refuse.Don’t say su involved in the flow of slander attack blue forget the machine, is Wei No envy with the life of jiangcheng said Blue Cham are not.For example, in the ancestral temple of jiang, jiang Cheng how to scold Wei Without envy, Wei without envy all endure, but Jiang Cheng pointed at the blue forget machine, said that blue forget machine with yiling ancestors in collusion, and said that blue forget machine to his uncle and brother face, this let Wei Without envy can not stand, almost didn’t fight with Jiang Cheng in the ancestral temple.But he could not really fight, and finally Wei Wuxian just gave himself a dizzy spirit!So su Involved in guanyin temple satirical attack Blue Zhan, Wei No envy how can it be willing to?In a few words to Sue involved against the south wall, presumably sitting next to Wei Ying Blue Zhan heart is very enjoy the feeling of being Protected by Wei Ying, but Wei Ying said a “Blue Zhan obviously cold to everyone”, blue forget the eyes of the machine to the Side of Wei Ying.Seems to be warning Wei Ying: you say this not to lose heart?I am cold to everyone, but to you?You little heartless, from your rebirth, I was afraid of melting in my mouth, holding in my hand for fear of falling.I answer every question you ask. You once said THAT I cherish my words like gold, but I have changed!Have I not laughed at you often enough when you said I did not love to laugh?But you actually still say me to all people cold, Wei Ying you have conscience, I really very angry, and is coax bad of that kind!You……You changed your story!But the family blue forget machine is a gentleman with introspection ability, angry angry, angry by will reflect on themselves: is it that I am not good enough for Wei Ying, not enough pet?Seems to be a long way to go, we have to continue to work hard!We have to be better to Wei Ying. By the way, the smile of the king of Heaven seems to be running out. We have to replenish the stock quickly.Later, I had to talk to Wei Ying more and laugh more. It was a happy decision.Later, Wei Ying said I was cold, said I was cold to others, must add “in addition to wei Ying……”, come on!Hanguang Jun is the best!But xiaobian also have to say to be fair, don’t blame somebody else blue two strange expression, Wei Ying dejian Su involved right, but this talk, not plus in addition to you, don’t you feel guilty?Did not see you come back, blue forget the machine in front of you are rippling into what appearance, but also said that he is cold, how enthusiastic is not cold ah?But perhaps we misunderstood wei Ying’s meaning, perhaps he had long felt that he was one with the Blue two, everyone naturally did not include him.Can light oneself think so can not, blue forget machine this person needs to say clearly, need clearly, say a word to him to listen to, he will release his more enthusiasm, is not it?This owner is probably everyone except Wei Wuxian, what do you think?