8 stars you will never see again!Inexplicable sadness, some died, some worth over 100 million

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As a traditional Chinese New Year program, the Spring Festival Gala has always been very popular, with many audiences wanting to see their favorite stars on the show.But some people never do it again.Here are some of the celebrities who left their memories behind.Zhao Benshan, who made his debut on the Spring Festival Gala in 1990, won the first prize in the comedy category with his sketch blind Date.Since then, he has become a regular at the Gala, presenting many classic works.”How many steps does it take to put an elephant in the fridge?”This hot more than ten years of brain teaser, is from 2000 Zhao Benshan Spring Festival gala sketch “hourly worker”.”Talk about ten dollars day.”This catchphrase of the post-00s generation became popular as early as 20 years ago.After the Spring Festival Gala in 2000, zhao benshan’s “The Sale of Abductions” was also prepared in advance. Compared with the previous sketches, this work broke the burden of the original language and became his classic work.Five years later, with his partner Gao Xiumin passed away, this “golden iron triangle” also dissolved, baiyun black soil group was moved to the Spring Festival Gala again by Zhao Benshan.However, after persuading Song Dandan and Cui Yongyuan to participate, he has made a mistake.In the Spring Festival Gala performance, he forgot to bring props, fortunately Song Dandan quick wit, a few steps forward, the camera to his body, for him to make room for the opportunity to take props.In 2008, they performed “Torchbearers,” which became their last Spring Festival Gala show.Song dandan’s health and memory had deteriorated at the beginning of her creation, and she often cried under the pressure of the Spring Festival Gala.Zhao benshan’s physical and mental health deteriorated and he was hooked up to a drip and an oxygen mask backstage.After they insisted on finishing the show, Zhao benshan expressed his intention to quit the gala to the audience for the first time.In 2013, Zhao benshan, who was in declining health, officially announced on Guo degang’s show, “I have decided to quit the sketch stage from now on.”After that, he was dedicated to running the company, every year with apprentices to shoot TV dramas, income is up to several hundred million.In 1988, Zhao Lirong took the stage of the Spring Festival Gala with the song “A Day in the Life of a Heroic Mother”. The line “Sima Guang (cylinder) hit (light) cylinder” made the whole country laugh.Having worked as a pingju actress all her life, she never expected to retire at the age of 60 and usher in the peak of her career.From 1991 to 1999, she brought audiences such works as “So Packaged,” and everyone brought joy to the audience.In 1996, even though she was illiterate and unable to write, she wrote “The Real Thing” in “The Adventure of Part-time Work” with a big wave of her hand.When the sketch was in rehearsal, the director always felt that there was something missing at the end, so he thought it over and decided to let Zhao Lirong write a few words at the end.Zhao, who was 68 at the time, could barely read, let alone write.In order to present a better effect, she practiced whenever she had time in those two months, repeating hundreds of pieces of rice paper over and over again, and finally presenting the wonderful scene of spring evening.From 1988 to 1999, she appeared in the Gala eight times, leaving irreplaceable memories of that era.That popular classic line: “Nod yes shake no, come is come is go”, is zhao Lirong for the audience to leave the last interpretation.The audience was laughing, but her sons in front of the TV were already in tears, and her partner Gong Hanlin was fighting back tears.At that time, Miss Zhao was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but the younger generation knew that she valued the Spring Festival Gala most, so they accompanied her to finish the show, in order to let her acting career, leave a perfect ending.In 2000, Zhao Lirong teacher or walk, partner Gong Hanlin will be in the name of “son”, send her last journey.Although she has been gone for many years now, her works are still alive and well.That’s right: “She didn’t leave, just out of time.”In 1990, Zhao Benshan was ready to take “Jump god” on the Spring Festival Gala, but did not think the program touched the red line, and was killed, therefore, the sketch “lazy man blind date” successfully promoted.Song Dandan, 28, made her debut on the gala, but little was known about it and almost quit.One day rehearsal home, elders know she played the content of the sketch, direct criticism of her “take disgusting when fun.”How could she, a former drama actress, play such a role?The next day, she explained to the director that she did not want to act again.Such an opportunity, many people are scrambling to reach, the director does not know what she is struggling with, only to tell her that it is too late to change now.So, she was on the stage, did not expect, her performance but let the audience deeply remember her.Zhao benshang also had an impression of her because of this performance.In 1999, the group made their debut with a performance of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” on the gala stage.In those years, the “white cloud and black soil” group became well-known, and since then, the two have carried out many collaborations.However, after appearing on stage in 2008, Song Dandan announced her retirement from the gala, and even said in an interview, “Even if the bullet is loaded against my head, I will not participate in it any more.”But now she seems to have taken it a little too far.In 2020, she appeared on the Spring Festival Gala again, although it was only a chorus, but it was also a reunion with the audience after a long separation.But this time, she was just officially saying goodbye to the audience.”There’s so much pressure on the gala,” she said. “If something goes wrong, I sweat.I’d rather make the audience cry in a TV drama than make them laugh on the Spring Festival Gala stage. It’s so hard.”Now her life is comfortable, idle to have nothing to step into the variety show, for the younger generation to give advice, teach experience, why not.4. Without a phone call from Zhao, Fan wei would still be doing crosstalk in a remote place when Zhang Benshan, a regular of the Spring Festival Gala, approached him and asked if he would like to take part in the Spring Festival gala sketch old Happy New Year.There’s no one who wouldn’t say yes.But after the two explained the situation, the Spring Festival gala director refused.In order not to embarrass Zhang Benshan, he said a hasty hello and left.Such a thoughtful move, let Zhang Benshan in mind.Two years later, Zhang Benshan found him again, and they appeared on the Spring Festival Gala together, and Fan Wei also opened his new life.In the Spring Festival Gala program “Uncle Niu dry”, he put a slanderous and fawning glass factory manager played a very good image.In Three Whips, he played a bullying driver for a county magistrate;In 1997, he made the leap to become “model captain”.In 2000, they performed together in the song “Trafficking”, which made them famous on the Spring Festival Gala.”With a big head and a thick neck, they are either tycoons or cooks.”During the nine years they worked together, Fan Wei became famous.Even Zhang Benshan said: “At the beginning of the cooperation, he was just an audience, then a support, and finally became the protagonist, and now even the momentum is to overwhelm me.”For this unabashed praise, Fan Wei is naturally very grateful.However, they have not been seen on stage together since the 2005 Spring Festival Gala. At that time, it was also reported that Zhao wanted to put on another performance together, but Fan Wei refused, so he was banned.But in 2004, Fan wei appeared in the movie “July of the Car Watcher,” playing a laid-off worker.He also won his first Best Actor for this role.He went on to win two more awards for driver Cui And retired railway worker Wang Kangmei.At this time, he has long been successful transition, is no longer a golden supporting role.He is also a dedicated actor who does not limp or stutter on stage.In 2006, Zhao Benshan made a phone call to xiao Shenyang, who had been fighting for many years.After the formal acceptance ceremony, he brought the apprentice to the 2009 Spring Festival Gala.The classic dialogue of “this can have” and “this really does not have” is from their skit “Not bad money”. After the Spring Festival Gala, little Shenyang will rush back to Shenyang to continue the performance.At that time, the audience shouted his name, then he was deeply aware of his popularity.After the gala, his value skyrocketed and his performance made a lot of money. Even after touring the country, he made 400 million yuan at the box office.After the explosion of red shenyang, it seems that some of the light.Zhao Benshan warned him: “must land, mentality must straighten out.”But he didn’t care, and instead of working on his sketches, he turned to film.However, his “four bad movies” completely disappointed the audience.He failed in both acting and directing.When he wants to enter the sketch stage again, there is already a new man.Netizens still remember xiao Shenyang in a Scottish skirt.Huang Hong first appeared on the Spring Festival Gala in 1989 with a show called “Wanted for Help.” From that moment on, he began his 24-year journey.The following year, CCTV arranged for him to perform with Song Dandan in The Super Guerrillas.The line: “Having boys and girls is the key” made the audience laugh and have stomachaches.Unexpectedly, this cooperation directly made them a “golden partner”.During the 24 years, he brought countless classic works to the audience, from “Super Life Guerrilla war” to “The Smart Husband”, each of his works will be remembered by the audience.However, their cooperation did not last long, Zhao benshan and Song Dandan formed a partner, he became a lonely man again.But he persisted, adjusting his mind and his work and finding a new partner.In the years that followed, he cooperated with many people, such as Wei Zongwan and Hou Yaowen.Until 2005, he and Gong Hanlin, Lin Yongjian shared the stage, performed “decoration”, that hit the wall picture spread to this day.And that “sledgehammer 80, small hammer 40” has become a classic quotation.Since then, he has become a regular guest, known as the “nail in the nail” of the Gala.He was also named “National First-class actor” and was even awarded the rank of major General of the Army.As in 1999, “Gas” classic lines: “bitter is not bitter, think about somebody else Saddam, smooth, look at somebody else Clinton.”For better effect, he went to the Foreign Office himself and secured the line.Because he is fastidious enough, so just achievement classics innumerable.But on the stage of the 2013 Spring Festival Gala, he was not seen.Originally, he served as the director of the August 1 film studio, but couldn’t get away from rehearsals and had to leave the Spring Festival Gala stage.But to the surprise of the audience, he has since retreated from the stage to work behind the scenes.Guo Da in his early years, CAI Ming’s partner was not Pan Changjiang, who was “concentrated is the essence”, but Guo Da, who was “tall and strapping”.Compared with pan Changjiang, who sold wine live in his later years, Guo Da has a different life, even low-key to “disappear” in the entertainment industry.So, once “Spring Festival Gala talent”, why on earth leave?In 1987, at the age of 32, he made his debut on the Spring Festival Gala stage with “In front of the Delivery Room”, a wonderful performance that impressed the audience deeply.At that time, CAI Ming was still a tragic actor, but under the influence of Chen Paisi and Zhu Shimao, he started his career as a comedian.Later, she met Guo, and their 20-year collaboration began.1993, the Guo da of simple and honest simplicity and cheerful and lively CAI Ming, formed 2 people group, taking “loess slope” mount Spring Festival Gala, disposition is having the 2 people of big difference, also be remembered by the audience, two people return even because cooperate very tacit understanding, and be mistaken by the audience husband and wife, but actually 2 people already become a family respectively.As Guo grew older, his health deteriorated.In addition, the show needs to be reviewed again and again, so the pressure on him is enormous.There was a rehearsal, CAI Ming found Guo da blushing, also thought he was shy shy, but did not think it was high blood pressure, anxiety caused by worry.After careful consideration, Guo da decided to retire from the gala.Therefore, after 2010, the Spring Festival Gala stage did not see this “dish pot” group.Although left the Spring Festival Gala, but his classic, is still worth our careful taste.Now in his 60s, he continues to shine in the art world.These old-timers, have been the regular Spring Festival gala, or even the pillar of existence.Only when they disappeared from view did people realize their importance to the gala.But for the old artists, compared with the rehearsal for less than half a year, the performance on New Year’s Eve, maybe let them have a rest, with the family reunion is more hope.What do you have to say about that?Feel free to leave a comment below.Past wonderful: the same zheng Shaoqiu gene, shen Dianxia and Guan Jinghua’s daughter a contrast, the gap will come out of the “gymnastics queen” Liu Xuan: do not marry rich family married love, 40 years old 2 children, scenery behind tears Xie Yuan: 61 years old childless, died a year and a half after the little wife Qiu Yue regret dink?