Dou Luo new character modeling downhill, sea female dou Luo legs success or failure pen, Tang three lie to win too much

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Hello, everyone, I am heart dust, daily take you to see douro continent from a different Angle.Douro mainland animation 194 set of rhythm control can be said to be quite cheerful colorful, plot performance, the upper part of the rules, the lower part of the sea female Douro nine soul technology can be said to be very interesting.As the title of the ninth douluo soul technology, with the sound shock and awe of the performance of the animation dubbing is really worth affirming.But in general the compasses of bucket eventually still has a lot of slots, female bucket, the sea is the sea island seven guardians the pillar, the only one female character, to this, both in the original party and passers-by party modeling had high hopes for her, after all, mystery is famous for female role modeling, in every time a new female character appearance will inevitably cause the attention of fans.Heart dust see there are a lot of part of the netizen evaluation sea female douluo appearance beauty new height, but in fact when the heart of dust to see the evaluation of their own aesthetic questions, sea female douluo on this modeling really ok?To say the truth, since the sea female douluo appeared heart dust heart is disappointed, because this is really too far from what I expected, maybe everyone’s aesthetic perspective is different, but the sea female douluo modeling performance really groove point too much.Don’t say Poseidon island soul division why can’t get rid of this strange color and head type outside, light role in the performance strength is not satisfactory.The scene in which Doura performs the third soul skill is like watching a horror movie.To say that sea female dou Luo is very beautiful, heart dust is absolutely not agree with, but to say that she is very lovely in the play, it is undeniable, at this point animation is really greatly reduced the original sea female Dou Luo character characteristics.In general, Douro now new character modeling began to decline, especially her legs in the animation really poor performance.In fact, careful friends already know that there are two forms of Sea Female Douro in the animation, one is the mermaid form, in this form of sea female Douro is the head of the fish body, especially the tail is particularly conspicuous.Her other form is the human form, in this form, the sea girl Doula, like ordinary human turned out legs.There are many close-ups about her beautiful legs in the animation, but it is also her biggest weakness. The legs of The Sea Female Douro are actually not beautiful, especially in many pictures, there are abnormal phenomena such as disproportion and deformation.Or mystery to old women’s roles, can say the neck is full of the legs, the female characters show features from the board, the proportion is obviously easy to let a person feel uncomfortable, let alone in this state into the female’s leg also is very thick, it’s really sorry this role.Dou Luo new character modeling downhill, sea female dou Luo legs into the biggest failure, to say more excessive, in fact, or tang three this assessment is directly “sit to win”, Tang three is really hang the king of this attribute to the extreme.More let a person can spirit, in addition to lying to win, tang three spirit will also own the fifth ring raised to level one hundred thousand, although the original blue and silver emperor itself with the soul of rings set with the ability of the tang dynasty three ascend, you will know it in the future will be one hundred thousand soul ring, but at the moment is ascending to this level is true is to let person some accidents.Tang three current level is the level of the requiem, the body has eight soul ring, which has four rings is one hundred thousand years level, when it is really unique, pure hanging hanging.I am the heart dust, the daily update of the country mantex, like my content remember one key three link oh.