Ding Min, doctor representative of Jinan in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games: the love of patriotism and protecting the country flows between our hearts and hands

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February 4 was destined to be a sleepless night for Ding Min, head nurse of the First Department of critical Care medicine at shandong First Medical University Provincial Hospital.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, as one of the 176 advanced model representatives from all walks of life and representatives from 56 ethnic groups, she passed the National flag hand in hand in the center of the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) to the sound of “My Country and I” to ignite the same dream and common hope.Standing in the middle of the Bird’s Nest one day in November 2021, a staff member from the National Recognition and Awards Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security contacted Ding Min to confirm whether she could attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Due to confidentiality requirements of the organizing committee for the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, ding min was not told exactly what part of the performance would take place. But ding min was told that it would be a central part of the opening ceremony, with participants standing in the center of the Bird’s Nest.”It’s not a dream, is it?Ding Min, who was recently invited to a party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), found her happiness so sudden that she couldn’t believe how many prestigious awards had been bestowed on her.And she clearly understand that all these honors are from her in the fight against the epidemic front pay;She can clearly feel the country and people’s supreme recognition and respect for medical workers.On the first day of the first lunar month in 2020, Ding Min volunteered to work as the deputy leader and head of the intensive care group of the first medical team to aid Hubei province, and went to Huanggang, Hubei province to fight the epidemic.During her 57 days of fighting against COVID-19, she demonstrated with practical actions the benevolence of doctors and great love. She was awarded the honorary titles of National Advanced Individual in fighting against COVID-19, China’s “Good Doctor and Good Nurse”, “Person of the Month” in September 2020, and “Outstanding Nursing Worker” by Chinese Nursing Association.Two years later, and on the first day of the lunar New Year, Ding Min left home again, the difference is that the destination is changed to Beijing, the attention of the world, to undertake a different mission.Until January 14, ding Min had been using a volunteer “stand-in” to complete her travel during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and she had no idea of her role at the event.After arriving in Beijing on The 14th, Ding min learned that her mission was to pass the escort flag along with 175 other delegates.The volunteer who took ding Min’s place introduced the whole process of the whole link to her, including the national flag should not be tilted, angled and straightened, and she was instructed to protect it well when passing it. Every movement, position and expression in every link were fully covered.On January 15, Ding Min joined her teammates and took part in the opening ceremony parade for the first time.Accompanied by the melodious melody of “My Motherland and I”, 176 outstanding representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups were divided into two rows. The bright five-star red flag was carried by them hand in hand, moving steadily towards the direction of the national flag class.Countless rehearsals, two large platoons, a live performance, the increase in the number of national flag transmission in Ding Min’s heart raised a sense of sacredness and mission.”During the transmission process, each of us solemnly accepted the national flag with deep feeling, and reluctantly passed it on. Standing on the stage of the Bird’s Nest, we showed the image of the Chinese people and the image of the Chinese medical workers to the world. It is so sacred and glorious that we can’t express it in words.”Speaking of the moment of passing the national flag again, Ding Min was still excited. “What we pass is not only a national flag, but also a mission and responsibility, as well as the love and protection of the motherland.”Participating in the opening ceremony of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games has undoubtedly become an unforgettable “highlight moment” in Ding Min’s life. In ding Min’s mind, participating in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is a gathering of positive energy, a spiritual cleansing, and an important ideological and political lesson in her life.In the rehearsal process, Ding Min and the performers of the exchange gradually more up, once familiar with the name, heard the story, really appeared in his side.”In addition to representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups, there are six models in this team: Qi Fabao, Jing Haipeng, Guo Wangang, Xu Zhenchao, Maimaitijiang Wumaier and Sheng Awei.We became fans at the scene, taking pictures with them and asking them to sign autographs.”Ding Min with reverence will learn their deeds again, and these deeds as their brave and resolute forward “gas station”.”We are an exceptionally lucky group of people who are privileged to represent the walks of life in which we live.”Mattias lampe, said at the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games in experience to make her more deeply feel of the communist party of China has very strong leadership, charisma, cohesion and bear power strength and power, “I am even more determined to disease resistance of the spirit of tenacious struggle and healer kung determination to bear the mission of inheritance, carry forward forever.”(Source: Jinan Daily) Editor: Han Luying