“Brand Event Highlights” experience the beauty of esports

2022-06-15 0 By

As the schedule of the first game of 2022CEST is confirmed, the cooperation channels have been opened.CEST looks forward to cooperating with more partners to jointly promote e-sports industry cultural communication, provide more new momentum for economic development and cultural innovation, and help brand cultural communication achieve win-win cooperation.Today we will review the previous CEST brand competition together!CEST brand events are divided into online and offline competitions. The competition official will customize the perfect event planning scheme according to the needs of the brand side and the characteristics of the brand products, with e-sports as the core driving force, so that users can more intuitively understand the brand and pay more attention to the brand.In order to attract users’ attention during non-fitness time and to further activate users, Nanjing Music Movement has jointly created a series of online King of Glory e-sports events with CEST and Biff e-sports.During the event, a total of 57 events were held, covering 8 urban areas of Nanjing and 55 stores. The number of participants reached 1891. The live exposure of the event exceeded 1 million + CEST× Aofengaowind Power competition chair was deeply loved by e-campaign players and game enthusiasts.Special joint CEST and Biff e-sports king of Glory entertainment events.Activities during the accumulative founded 42 games activities, participants over 3300 + people, live events online game CEST exposure of 1.48 million + x shark fitow combining characteristics of shark fitow health food brands, CEST elite selection peace as online game project, aimed at comprehensive increase sharks fitow brand exposure, activities during the accumulative founded 22 games,Number more than 900 person-time, live events exposure of 1.1 million + offline game CEST * logitech “logitech G cup” lasted more than four months, contest with “upwind nirvana, racing at the moment” as the theme, create a total of 151 games during the activities, a total of over 2100 person-time, runners of 876 teams, broadcast live on this game in canine teeth platform,As a new sub-brand of VIVO, IQOO hopes to establish its brand among young esports groups and let consumers fully understand the advantages of its products. Therefore, it specially sponsored the university esports competition. Nearly 500 people signed up during the event.CEST× Red Devils CEST× Baobaotang CEST× Same journey CEST× Talons CEST× Wong Lo Ji CEST×OPPOCEST× Huawei Matepad112022CEST hope that through friendly cooperation with brand partners,Jointly promote cultural communication in the e-sports industry, provide more new drivers for economic development and cultural innovation, and help brand cultural communication achieve win-win cooperation.2022CEST brand partner, looking forward to your joining!