Blackberry: Are you polite

2022-06-15 0 By

Nokia is really the king of graphics. Every time they come out with a design that looks amazing, they never see the real thing.But it’s understandable because technology is so limited and mobile phones look so high-tech that we can only see renderings.However, a new Nokia phone seems to be a little different from the previous ones. It still looks amazing, but it has a physical keyboard design, which is a bit like blackberry.From the leaked appearance design drawing, the front of the machine does not use the conventional design on the market, there is still a relatively wide upper and lower frame, the front camera lens is placed in the upper frame.The screen is rounded and has a narrow bezel. The keyboard at the bottom of the screen makes it a much smaller 4-inch screen, but it boasts 4K resolution, a 144-Hertz refresh and 1.07 billion colors.There’s also support for on-screen fingerprint recognition, which is a bit of a fantasy.Nokia’s new E71 retains the full-size key design, while the phone’s answer and end keys are physical keys operated by touch. Although it has the style of blackberry, its appearance level is really as good as that of blackberry. What do you think of the rendering of nokia’s new phone this time?