Lebron James (33+8+6) retired with an injury to his eyebrow, the lakers doubled the jazz to end their losing streak, and Mitchell (37+4)

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The Lakers narrowly beat the Utah Jazz in their first meeting of the season after a three-game losing streak at The Cancun Arena.The jazz were tied at 27 in the first quarter, with Mitchell scoring 15 points to help the jazz finish off an 11-0 run.Back in the second quarter, Mitchell scored nine more points and the Jazz won a see-saw game to take a seven-point lead at the end of the first half, when Bryant landed on gobert’s heel and sprained his ankle.With Trevor ariza starting in the lakers’ place, the Jazz kept the lakers’ lead at 10 points, and the lakers got help from Lebron James and Dwight Howard to stop the slide.Just when everyone thought the Jazz were going to win the game, Utah lost its momentum as westbrook scored six straight points and James hit a 3-pointer and a one-arm dunk, leading the lakers to a 19-4 comeback.The lakers ended a three-game losing streak, 106-101 to the Jazz.During the game, the lakers announced the latest injury of Eyebrow, the results showed a sprained right ankle, X-rays were negative, no structural damage.Brow will undergo treatment during the All-Star break and be re-evaluated next week.I thought the lakers’ injury would break their psychological defense, but they just kept getting stronger.James, Westbrook, Tucker, Reeves and Monk outscored the lakers 21-9 to overcome a seven-point deficit.After playing 14 of 23 shots from the field, James scored 15 points in the final quarter and finished with 33 points, eight rebounds, six assists and two steals for a plus-7 finish.Westbrook was calm in the deciding period, contributing 17 points, seven rebounds and making three of his four free throws to thwart Utah’s attempt to send the game to overtime.