Guangshan County Zhaihe Town: to create rural micro landscape, living environment “beautiful” up

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Improving the rural living environment and building a beautiful and livable countryside is an integral part of rural revitalization and also the ardent expectation of farmers.Improve rural living environment, the first is “net”, the key to “beauty”, the guangshan county village river town in people’s expectations as a starting point, to people’s satisfaction as the foothold, the governance “six”, to carry out the “six”, on the basis of promoting light rural work, planning and construction in the landscape, and gradually build village living environment regulation, river town to rural living environment “beautiful”.Zhaihe Town takes the “six chaos” and “six Qing” action as an opportunity to decompose and refine the environmental remediation work, comprehensively improve the rural living environment and promote the construction of beautiful countryside to a new level.Through vigorously promoting garbage removal, sewage treatment, dry toilet demolition, demolition of illegal construction and other work, the environmental sanitation level of Zhaihe town has gradually improved and promoted, the remediation action has achieved obvious results.Since the comprehensive improvement of rural living environment was carried out, Zhaihe Town has promoted the “six chaos”, “six qing” and rural landscape building.On the basis of basically realizing the goal of “clean up” in the countryside, Zhaihe Town integrated the use of social donations and grassroots governance funds, relying on existing resources, focus on creating characteristic “micro landscape”, extending from the main block of the town to each village group, connecting the dots, and gradually building a beautiful town, so that the “appearance level” of Zhaihe town will be improved again.Village river turntable sketch village river crossing head landscape longmen road green belts new rural east entrance landscape micro landscape construction of the rule of law culture theme park Du Gang village local custom civilization Keep the country beautiful memory the country should not only “face”, also want to “lining”, in the process of construction beautiful village, village river town adhere to the integration of ecological beauty and nostalgia memory, lead the new fashion of the local custom civilization.When creating “landscape”, village river town, pay attention to people-oriented ecological priority, while maintaining the original rural characteristics, on the basis of outstanding humanism, provide public leisure space for surroundings already, also actively organize to carry out the healthy cultural activities, rich farmer’s daily life, pushing forward the construction of the local custom civilization allows homesickness to put.Zhang Weizi New rural pocket Park Zhang Weizi new rural Culture and Sports Square Innovation governance to consolidate governance achievements The people are always the main force to improve the living environment, we should firmly grasp the people this practice subject.Zhaihe Town gives full play to the role of grass-roots grid members, puts party members’ representatives, volunteers and villagers’ group leaders in important positions, guides the masses to establish the awareness of maintaining the environment and actively participate in the renovation of human settlement environment, effectively consolidating the renovation results.Volunteers’ participation in the removal of flower-belt garbage and the participation of the public in the maintenance of greening and improvement of rural living environment is both a critical battle and a protracted battle. To make rural areas a place where mountains and rivers are visible and where people can live in their homesickness, we need to make all-out efforts for a long time.In the improvement of the living environment of Zhaihe Town, Guangshan County, both “beautiful appearance level” and “cultural connotation” have been created, which not only improves the people’s sense of happiness and gain in life, but also improves the overall quality of rural landscape.In the future, Zhaihe Town will continue to uphold the original aspiration, constantly innovate working methods, and make unremitting efforts to build a beautiful and livable town.