White sand multi-measures to do a good job in rural sewage treatment sewage flow more livable villages

2022-06-13 0 By

Hainan daily on the forks, March 14 (xinhua Zeng Yuhui) on March 14, the forks farm covers an area of 1 team in baisha li autonomous county for more than a half acre of artificial wetland, clusters of spider orchid growing happily, in bud, and their roots can absorb a large number of nutrients from the villagers daily discharge of sewage, hainan daily reporter around in a circle, almost can’t smell anything peculiar smell.”The whole village of domestic sewage, through the underground pipe network collected here, through physical, biological, chemical and other treatment processes, can effectively remove pollutants in sewage, nitrogen, phosphorus and so on, so that sewage can be purified.”Baisha sewage treatment operation and maintenance technician Chen Xiuming introduced, the villagers in the daily life of excrement sewage, bath and kitchen sewage, after the collection of the first into the grid pool, so that floating objects, garbage, suspended objects in the sewage were intercepted;Next, the water flows into the artificial wetland after the sand sink, and the root system of the spider orchid, canna and other green plants planted here will absorb the organic pollutants, nitrogen, phosphorus and so on contained in the sewage, which can play a role in the water quality of nutrientation, while purifying the water quality, and play the role of beautifying the rural living environment.As of March this year, baisha has completed the treatment of domestic sewage in 499 villages and companies in the county, and the coverage rate of domestic sewage treatment in administrative villages has reached at least 97 percent, according to the office of the white sand water control leading group.Next, the county will also be divided and classified to promote the treatment of domestic sewage in the remaining villages, strengthen the construction of rural sewage pipe network and sewage terminal treatment facilities, to ensure that rural domestic sewage to achieve normal purification.