Top 4 or strategic drop 6th?Guangdong playoff was Held by Liaoning, Du Feng a move to break the deadlock

2022-06-13 0 By

As the 2021-22 CBA regular season continues, the third phase of the competition remains the biggest focus of attention.With the top five teams in the standings almost certain, this season’s championship is likely to be decided between favorite Liaoning, defending champion Guangdong, dark horses Zhejiang and upstart Shanghai.As a dynasty team aiming for a fourth consecutive championship, guangdong’s fate in the third stage and the playoffs seems to have been firmly in the hands of its rival Liaoning Team.Next, the third stage of the competition is already in sight.Although Guangdong team did not have the top four teams as opponents, But Liaoning team must play zhejiang and Shanghai team.If the guangdong team playoffs to the present fifth position into the first round of the zhejiang team, then the first round of the second round of the scoreboard against Liaoning team, I am afraid is also the existence of luck.So, guangzhou next team is likely to choose to adjust their ranking.However, guangdong team at present this ranking seems to be the key to team Liaoning’s choice.If Liaoning can double zhejiang and Shanghai, then Guangdong will have to win 10 games to surpass them and move into the top four.Once Liaoning team water to Shanghai team and Zhejiang team, then Guangdong team is likely to fall into a passive situation.Alternatively, Guangdong could choose a strategic drop to sixth in the standings to pick its first-round opponent.However, if dropped to the bottom half of the standings, the morale of guangdong team and combat effectiveness may also be greatly affected.After all, the outside world is already questioning whether Guangdong will make a playoff round at all.For liaoning team, Han Dejun’s age is placed here, playing zhejiang team and Shanghai team is not a big gap.If The Shanghai team out of Wang Zhelin and Feng Lai inside combination, obviously Morande, Fu Hao, Zhu Rongzhen, Li Xiaoxu and other inside is not enough to contend with, the need for Han Dejun to fight to suppress opponents.In addition, zhejiang team’s big foreign aid Lakosevich’s condition is also good.Therefore, Liaoning team will be in order to prepare for the playoffs in advance and turn off Han Dejun, or even snow Guo Ailun and others is unknown.Once Liaoning team chose to prepare for the playoffs, let Han Dejun, Guo Ailun and others into the recuperation stage.So, zhejiang team and Shanghai team as long as take a victory can ensure the oppression of guangdong team’s ranking.Now, guangdong team only one way to crack.Presumably, guangzhou team coach Du Feng guidance has already guessed this situation.Then only the guangdong team to play their strongest state, to be able to overturn team Liaoning uniform, forcing the latter to play zhejiang team and Shanghai team.The combination of Yi Jianlian, Hu Mingxuan, Weems, Zhou Peng, Lido and Zhao Rui is still the strongest in the league as long as Guangdong can play as it did last season.Liaoning certainly didn’t want to meet Guangdong in the semifinals of the playoffs if guangdong could show its strong spirit in the third stage.As long as Guangdong finds its groove and shows its championship credentials, Liaoning will certainly try to beat Zhejiang and Shanghai to the third place in the standings and avoid the latter.In summary, Guangdong team under the guidance of Du Feng will activate their card face again, thereby turning the team liaoning playoff strategy layout.