The year of culture, wuhan cultural expo venues such as flow

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The Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 2, the second day of the year, outdoor drizzle, wuhan city venues but the flow of people like weaving, the atmosphere is thriving, many citizens out of the family, with exhibitions, cultural activities and other ways to spend a special year.On the second day of the New Year, Jianghan Pass Museum ushered in a small peak of exhibitions.It was drizzling on the morning of the second day of the Lunar New Year, but more than a dozen tourists were still standing in front of the Jianghanguan Museum, scanning the code and preparing to enter the museum.During the Spring Festival, Jianghan Pass Museum launched “Tiger Jump Dragon Xiang — Chinese Tiger Culture Hundred Museum Joint Exhibition”, “The Story of Jianghan Pass”, “Beautiful River City My Home — Liao Zhaotong Photography Exhibition” theme exhibition, “Wuhan in The Memory of the Story in the Bell” online knowledge competition, online and offline joint linkage.There were many tourists who came to visit jianghan Pass Museum with the old and the young. At 11 a.m., there was a small peak of visitors.Mr. Luo and his family of four drove from Suizhou to Wuhan on New Year’s Eve. The hotel was located near Jianghan Road, and jianghan Pass Museum was the last stop of the short trip.”The New Year’s exhibition is very comprehensive, showing elements of the Year of the Tiger, wuhan elements and Jianghan Pass.Mr. Luo said.The visitors watched the exhibition in silence.Student reporter Hou Yuqian photo “1911 Hankou River beach also had so many people!”Mr. Qiu, a tourist, is pointing to the photos on the wall and feeling with his wife.The couple, who live in Houhu, decided to take a stroll around the city this Spring Festival.”It’s not my first time to visit Jianghan Pass, but it’s also my first time to learn about its history,” Qiu said.This year marks the 160th anniversary of the establishment of Jianghan Pass. Based on the collection resources, jianghan Pass Museum focuses on creating a special exhibition “The Story of Jianghan Pass”, displaying more than 100 cultural relics, attracting the attention of many old Wuhan residents.At the same time, the online knowledge contest “Wuhan in The Memory of The Bell Story” will continue until February 9, so that everyone can gain new knowledge while reuniting with their families.In wuhan Museum, visitors listen to the explainer’s explanation.On the first day of the New Year, more than 1,000 people visited wuhan Museum, choosing to spend the first day of the New Year there.During the Spring Festival, in addition to the permanent exhibition, wuhan museum also launched a “spring breeze cutting month – wuhan museum sector painting and calligraphy art exhibition” “the precious of the song kiln Lake lake see elegance – wuhan see used unearthed relics and the specimen exhibition “opera” wuhan grand pier – wuhan opera history and culture exhibition “, is characteristic of local history.In addition to tie in with exhibition, exhibition hall, to launch the “lake shoal see CiYi whim — Wu Boying spring experience activities” “the year of the tiger tiger Tiger qiaohu winter jasmine – Wu Bo New Year folk parent-child activities “and” the year of the tiger set 2 – zodiac set f activity “series of activities, such as to provide a rich, diverse audience immersion depth of the exhibition experience.Visitors listen to a lecture at the memorial Hall of the Former site of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Wuhan.At the Memorial Hall of the Old site of the Central Organs of the COMMUNIST Party of China in Wuhan, the special exhibition “Remembering eventful Times — Feelings of Family and Country in Propaganda Paintings” shows the magnificent picture scroll of countless Chinese people striving for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation under the leadership of the CPC since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Many viewers have left messages, affectionate blessings for the motherland.It is understood that every day at 14:30, the museum provides free scheduled explanation service, by the guide of the audience to understand the contents of the exhibition and cultural relics exhibits in detail.The Zhongshan Warship Museum in Wuhan launched a lantern riddle guessing campaign during the Spring Festival.Lantern riddles he Xi, Spring Festival pictures!In Wuhan Zhongshan Warship Museum, the highly acclaimed “guessing lantern riddles” activity by the audience friends hot participation!In conjunction with the Shandong Folk Woodblock Exhibition, the museum will replace the lantern riddles with New Year paintings.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, visitors took pictures of the pictures on lanterns and searched the exhibition hall for the correct name of the pictures.During the Spring Festival, the city’s public libraries, art museums and state-owned museums are open to the public. Rich cultural exhibitions and social and educational activities are carefully arranged online and offline to accompany citizens to celebrate the New Year.Changjiang Daily reporters visit found that most of the audience to the family as a unit to celebrate the year of culture memorial hall.Visitors actively cooperate with the staff to check their temperature, show their health code and travel code, and make an appointment to enter the museum.Online events will be held at all venues to interact with the public in the cloud.Spring scenery in the library of wuhan children than doug from qianshan mountain – tiger culture theme exhibition “exhibition and sorrow,” the best of wuhan road “of the site of the August 7th meeting memorial series of short video, Wu Bo” search for wuhan old street Reading city story video series “, the central committee of the communist party of China in wuhan commemoration museum “read red letter Feeling ancestor faithThe online social education activity of “Carry forward the Fine family tradition” and the “Listen to the Sound of the Bell, Recall the Eventful Years” online knowledge contest of Jianghan Pass Museum in 2022 attracted many citizens to participate online.(Changjiang Daily reporter Huang Lijuan, trainee reporter Hou Yuqian, correspondent Wu Wenlu) For more exciting content, please download “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.