Here’s the ultimate science guide to 5 things you Should never try to Prevent Constipation

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Today is China constipation day, many friends do not know?Ha ha!Constipation but troubled too many friends, long-term constipation is more painful!When you go to the bathroom, it’s like a “mask of pain”.But too hard, sometimes will take blood;If you eat chillies, it will burn and make things worse.How to solve constipation?Miss Gu is here to talk to you about constipation and give you a tip.The ultimate guide to constipation prevention is easy to read and learn.First, dietary fiber adequate prevention and treatment of constipation, dietary fiber bear the brunt.It promotes bowel movement and increases the volume, weight, and water content of your stool, which is how you eat fiber.▎1, miscellaneous beans account for 1/3 of the staple food, made into cereal porridge, cereal rice.Such as oatmeal rice, black rice, brown rice, buckwheat rice and so on.▎ 50-100 grams of yam every day, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, taro, etc. It’s important to note that yam is also the staple food. At the same time, eat less rice!Vegetables weigh 1 jin raw, about 5 fists cooked.This 1 jin of vegetables can be equally divided into three meals, each meal 1.5 to 2 fists can be.It is important to avoid eating too many vegetables to avoid increasing the risk of constipation due to dietary fiber intake.Bring figure: 1 fist greens ▎ 4, fruit, 200-400 grams of dietary fiber ultra rich food recommendation: two kinds of potato, yam, taro 4 kinds of beans, red beans, mung beans, chickpeas four fruits: kumquat, pear, banana, blueberry 7 kinds of vegetables, lotus root, celery, water spinach, broccoli, eggplant, leek, wax gourd read on: constipation eat what to lose weight?In addition, eating too many grains and beans may also aggravate constipation.That’s because the fiber they’re packed with is mainly insoluble, which doesn’t absorb water very well, so too much of it can increase the volume and weight of poop, but also dry it out.Oatmeal is an exception. The dietary fiber it contains is mainly water-soluble and has a strong absorbent capacity. If your poop is always dry and hard, you can eat more oatmeal as a staple.If you can’t get enough fiber-rich foods, take a fiber supplement.The dosage should be gradually increased, while ensuring the amount of water to drink;In addition, the exhaust may increase after taking, and it will be relieved after a few days.Two, every day 1500-1700 ml water ice water, warm water, mineral water, pure water, cold open water, homemade lemonade.If you often forget to drink water, keep a 1,500-1,700ml glass handy and fill it up in the morning, on the subway, before work, during meetings, or on the toilet.If you simply forget to drink water, make a standard soup for each day.Rice soup, noodle soup, vegetable soup, meat soup, soy milk, milk, as long as it is light.The expert guidelines for preventing constipation don’t call for eating less spicy food, but constipation and defecation are painful enough, and spicy food just makes it worse, you know.This is especially important if you are trying to lose weight.Poop must be in a certain amount in order to stimulate poop.Food residua when dieting is little, the food residua that arrives large intestine first, can be absorbed by large intestine moisture, become dry hard, constipation came.If you’re on a diet and you’re constipated, you need to eat more.How to eat balanced nutrition still can reduce weight?Five, the right amount of exercise lack of exercise abdominal muscle weakness, defecation will not make the strength, so stay away from sedentary or move up to improve constipation.It is recommended to exercise 5 days a week, at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise every day, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, playing ball, etc. In addition, it is especially recommended to increase abdominal muscle training, so that defecation is more effective.Six, regular bowel movement colon activity in the morning and 2 hours after dinner is the most active, so it is best to get up after drinking water, to the toilet brewing brewing, if there is no result for 5 minutes after dinner brewing brewing.Even if you fail, it doesn’t matter. Stick to defecation training every day, so that you can form your own defecation habit for about half a month.If you go to bed late, wake up late, rush to get out the door, even breakfast is a nervous way to go.The rhythm is always so intense, the brain will ignore the bowel signals sent by the defecation, not in time to discharge the stool is dry and hard, constipation.The brain ignores signals from the gut to defecate, and as the gut continues to reject it, it waits for more poop to accumulate before sending the signal. More and harder poop means more constipation.Seven, focus on defecation do not take mobile phones, newspapers, eliminate all external interference, concentrate on a stool, the human brain is not like the computer CPU multi-line work efficiency, it is focused on doing a job efficiency higher oh.Eight, standard drug use the above 7 points adhere to one or two weeks does not work, find a doctor prescription, do not use drugs, so as not to harm your health.For example, rhamnobark, senna leaves, aloe vera, cassia seed, rhubarb and Polygonum multiflorum are all anthraquinone laxatives, which are currently recognized as the main factors causing melanosis of colon, among which polygonum multiflorum may also increase the risk of liver function damage.Don’t try these 5 things either. They don’t work.▎ Bananas have fine dietary fiber content, but they have high energy and gain weight.In addition, if you eat bananas that are not ripe enough, the tannic acid in them will aggravate constipation.▎ Drinking honey water contains fructose, which increases the volume and water content of feces, but you have to drink 3 ounces of honey every day to get fat.▎ Sesame oil is like other oils. More than 99% of it is fat. It is basically broken down into glycerol and fatty acids and absorbed into the blood.▎ There are literatures that probiotics can improve the symptoms of chronic constipation, but the relevant research data is very limited, so the prevention and treatment guidelines of constipation in China, the United States, and the World Gastrointestinal Organization do not recommend this.That said: Probiotics on the market that claim to improve constipation may not work, so don’t count on them to help (save you money again!).Finally, there’s a truth you need to know.Defecation as long as the rule, defecation is easy, even if 2 days will be 1 times, is not constipation.Constipation is only when the number of defecation is less than 3 times per week, and the stool is dry and hard, and the defecation is laborious or even painful, or the total feeling of endless discharge.So relax and don’t label yourself constipated.Even if you are constipated, take it easy and follow suit.Today’s interactive: What works for you when you’re constipated.