Guzhang Rural Commercial Bank: Held a symposium on “High-quality Development of young people with courage and responsibility” for young employees

2022-06-13 0 By

Rednet moment Xiangxi April 2 – (correspondent Shi Lixin Lv Zhengjian) In the morning of April 1, Gu Zhang Rural Commercial Bank organized the young staff to hold a “high-quality development of young people brave to assume” young staff symposium.A total of 35 members of the bank team, heads of some departments and sub-branches attended the event.Meeting, you young employees combining the reality of their own positions, share a hired since feeling and experience, the growth of organizations have been concerned about and cultivate gratitude, expressed in the work steadfast as a serious and responsible, determination, and actively around young brave ACTS as a “quality development” theme, report work, bear, problems, put forward opinions and Suggestions,Suggestions and suggestions for the high quality development of the whole bank. The atmosphere was warm and the climax was repeated.After listening to everyone’s speech, zhang Hua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Bank, gave full affirmation to the young staff’s speech.Based on his own work experience, he said: First, adhere to the “compliance” and “clean” two cultures.Second, to strengthen the two consciousness of service and efficiency.Third, to achieve two changes, from the counter internal management of business to hall marketing change, from manual management of business to face-to-face guidance of customers to handle business.Fourth, firm “small and beautiful” and “daily progress” two goals.Xiang Yongcai, party Secretary and chairman of the Bank, communicated with the participants on how to better gather the consensus of young people and give full play to their talents.He said that young employees should base themselves on their posts, work steadily and make achievements. They should give full play to their advantages and strive to be business experts. Young employees should play a leading role and actively stimulate youth vitality.The Party Committee of head Office has high expectations for young employees and always cares about them, setting up a broad stage for young employees to grow up and become talented. The majority of young employees should live up to expectations and live up to their youth, and let their youth blossom in their struggle.Young staff to do a striver, to do a diligent scholar, to do a “three heart”, that is, perseverance, patience, gratitude, through communication, set up around the typical, to look for coordinates, to find the target.