Yong Elder brother probing affetted husband borrows more than 3 million yuan, after divorce the wife wants to repay jointly?

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Brief introduction: Xiao Feng and Xiao Li are a couple. During their marriage, Xiao Feng borrowed more than 3 million yuan from Xiao Yang.The month of signing the loan contract, Xiao Feng and Xiao Li divorced.After the divorce, Xiao Feng did not pay back the money to Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang took the couple to court, asking them to repay the debt together.The first-instance court ruled that There was a private loan relationship between Xiao Yang and Xiao Feng, but Xiao Yang could not provide evidence to prove that the loan was used for the joint life, joint production and operation of Xiao Feng and his ex-wife Xiao Li, or based on their common will. Therefore, it was determined that Xiao Feng’s ex-wife should not bear joint repayment liability for the loan involved in the case.After the verdict of the first instance, Xiao Yang refused to accept, filed an appeal.Yang said Feng’s ex-wife, Li, usually stays at home full-time and should be aware of Feng’s commercial housing investment, so she should be held responsible.After checking the financial transactions between the two parties, the second instance found that during the period in question, xiao Feng’s ex-wife’s living expenses, her son’s living expenses, tuition fees and other family expenses were mainly from Xiao Feng’s investment income, and the amount was relatively large.At the same time, Feng’s ex-wife also stated that she would transfer the investment income of other friends on behalf of Feng and give her credit card to Feng for capital turnover. The court confirmed that To a certain extent, Feng’s ex-wife was also involved in Feng’s business operation.Therefore, the second-instance court determined that the loan involved in the case was the joint debt of Xiaofeng and Xiaofeng’s ex-wife, and Xiaofeng’s ex-wife should bear joint and several liabilities for the loan involved in the case.Planning Chen Dichen copywriter Ren Guoyong Zhang Bingjing camera Lu Jing Zhao Chen Wang Yan (internship) design Xiao Tian editing Tang Jiayu proofreading Sheng Yuanyuan